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Lost in Venice

Euro Trip
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Just chillin'

"Bangun-bangun! Dah sampai!"

I don't know what's the purpose of this because they won't let us to take photo
there. -.-
I opened my eyes and the car already parked at the Jolly Camping Village. Serious weh, kereta tu memang puaka. Tidur memang tak sedar dunia. In Venizia, we stayed another 2 nights at a camping village. This is the same company with the one we had in Roma, Fabulous Camping Village. Nampak gayanya, orang kat sini suka nau bercamping. Tempat camping pun teratur kemas. 

We checked in and too bad we had to stay in a separate cabins. The girls and the boys were separated. We, the girls, got to stay in a big cabin where all the foods will be cooked there and the boys got themselves a smaller cabin. The cabin is quite cute actually but I still preferred the one in Rome.

Le girls cabin.
Got a brand new cooking utensils. And the orange bag contain lotsa foods.
2 bedrooms and each bedroom has its own bathroom and toilet.
The kitchen.

Jolly Camping Site is smaller than the one in Rome. It also has its own swimming pool, bar, cafe and grocery store. Anyway, I can get lost in there because it is quite confusing with all the cabins and stuffs. It took me some time to know the way to the boy's cabin. I went to the smaller cabin and they only have 3 beds and a bathroom in there. Kesian depa dapat bilik kecik

Oh yeah, we arrived at the camp site around 1600-ish. So, we still had a lot of time to jump into the pool. Disebabkan my 'cycle' dah nak habis, I planned to jump into the pool too. 

Bersemangat taw!

But the water was quite cold. Then, I decided to jump into the jacuzzi. After a while in the jacuzzi, the so-called life guard called me and told me that my attire is not appropriate for a swim or chillin' in the jacuzzi.
Wei, memang nak gua pakai bikini kan kan kan? If the plane landed on the sea, everyone need to change to their bikini before they jump into the sea. Just saying. 
FYI, I wore a tracksuit and t-shirt. Geram pulak tetiba. Dah lah tak tahu ada swimming pool. Kalau tahu, memang I bring along some appropriate attire. 

Okay, enough talk about the pool stuffs. Let's get back to the dinner tragedy. 

It's night time, All of us were fungry. The grocery store in Jolly camp site didn't sell anything that we wanted. Besides, it's quite expensive there. So, at 2000, we embarked a journey to explore outside the camping village. We walked and walked a few blocks away until we found a Kebab place. You don't know how we felt during that time. We were over the moon, babe. We ordered a few kebabs. While Azim and Syam went to the nearest grocery store owned by a Bangladeshi to buy something for tomorrow's breakfast.

After a while, Azim came and asked his wife to cancel the order. Anis managed to cancel only 1 order because the cook already made 1 kebab. I asked Azim, "What happened? Why cancelled the order?". And Azim said to us that the restaurant sells porchiotto (pork). I knew Azim very well. He is very particular about food. Then, came along a Bangladeshi guy and showed us another kebab place. Insyaallah, dijamin Halal. 

24 hours kebab place. Sorry lah takde cop JAKIM. Hiks.
After we ate our dinner, the Bangladeshi guy took us for a stroll. It's so quiet and empty. The cold air. And tetiba otak ligat fikir any horror movie yang pernah gua tengok. Lepas tu terfikir balek, kalau kat negeri omputeh, mestilah hantu dia versi vampire, werewolf, zombie and witch. Terus tersengih dengan imaginasi sendiri. (Saja je nak bagitahu ni untuk describe betapa sunyinya tempat tu pada malam hari. Eh).
Lagipun, tempat kami stay ni bukannya tengah-tengah bandar Venizia. Entah kat ceruk mana, but still, it's Venice. 

Before we returned to the campsite, he showed us the Musolah at that area.
There! Yang macam rumah kedai tu. Ground level.


The very next day. . .

From what the camp management told us, car is not allowed in the city. We can parked our car, but not inside the city. They (read: Venice government) provided a parking space outside the city but need to pay some money (I forgot the price but I'm guessing €18 per hour or half day). Like any other travelers, we made a mistake. We decided to take a bus from the camp site to the People Mover station. We thought the package promoted by the camp management was including the People Mover fare. We're damn wrong. It's only for the bus fare and half-day tour around the city. In which, it costs us €15.5/pax. Should've used our own car instead.

Before you entered the city, you need to buy a People Mover ticket at one of the kiosk. The People Mover only have 3 pit-stops and it costs around €1.5 per trip. Alaaaa, macam LRT yang pendek tu. 

Entered the city and we're on our own. But first, we need to find the tour guide that has been assigned by the package. We get to see the city for 2-3 hours. Guide tu kan, jalan laju nau. Tak tahu ke dia yang kami ni ada 2 orang mak cik yang follow package tuh? Sian mak cik- mak cik kena catch up dengan speed si Rossi nih. Yeah, that's our tour guide name and he told us some of the history in Venice.

Meet Rossi.
Venizia is famous with its masquerade.
Beautiful isn't it?
Before noon, we already covered 3/4 of Venizia. As we adjourned, I asked him where to get the Halal food in the city and as usual, he don't understand what's Halal. Instead of explaining from A to Z about Halal, I just simply changed it to "hey, where can we get kebab around here?"

See. Simple. Kebab is always associate with Arab or Turkish food (kot).

To find the Halal kebab in Venice, Faris and I wandered around with the help of a map in my hand. Azim, Anis and Syam were looking for WiFi to get some details on HRC Venizia. After 5 minutes of walking, we found a kebab place. I entered the place and asked the cook, "do you sell porchiotto here?" (ceeehh, mentang-mentang lah dah belajar ayat tu semalam).
Alhamdulillah, dijamin Halal toyibban.

Gais. Halal, gais.
Our energy is recharged. It's time to wander around. We went to buy some souvenirs and you can get cheap Murano glass jewelries, if you know where to find one. I bought 5 boxes of necklace for €10 (tutup mata dan jangan convert ke MYR).

At St Marco Square, there are a lot of expensive fancy dining. When I said expensive, it is really damn expensive. Rossi habaq, segelas coffee pun around €10. Orang kaya je minum air camtuh. Orang acah-acah kaya, lupakan je lah hasrat nak minum kat situ. Instead of whining about the fancy dining, I ran around the square and chased all the pigeons. It's fun. There's one time, I took out a chipsmore inside my bag and give it to the pigeons. My oh my! I was surrounded by pigeons. FYI, it is prohibited to feed the pigeon but Azie was trying to be a badass person. Teehee :D

Badass Azie is badass. Hiks.

One thing about Venizia is, every angles of it are photo worthy. Here are some of the photos that I would like to share with you guys.

If I'm not mistaken, this is at St Marco square (correct me if I'm wrong).
St. Maria Della Salute
I met a lot of sketchers in Venice. And of course, Faris and I joined them but at
a different place.
#travellingberuang pun nak bergambo dengan gondola jugak. Bila nak naik ni?

Tak sah kalau sampai Venice tapi tak naik gondola!

Korang mesti setujukan dengan statement di atas ?!

The Sun is about to set, so we decided to go for a ride. The cost for a gondola ride is €80. The maximum number of people who can boarded the gondola is 6. So, pandai-pandai la enkorang tong-tong duit. Masa naik gondola tu, gua pun cakap la dekat brother yang kayuh gondola tuh, "Can you sing for us?"

Amboi, sukahati je nak suruh orang nyanyi. Too bad we got the no fun gondola. Anyway, we're just enjoy the ride and took a lot of photos (read: selfies). One thing for sure, he can afford an iPhone 6S just by paddling the gondola.

Souvenirs, gais.
A quick sketch before we boarded the gondola.

We got lost on our way to find the People Mover train. I was too tired to walk but we must moved before the bus arrived. On our way back, Syam was leading the pack. The alley was almost empty. People were going back home. It's 1930. The bus will be arriving at 2000. We walked and we got lost. We asked the local and show 'em the map to the location. 15 minutes later, we found our way home. 

And in Venice, we walked for more than 20000 steps. Yey! Sape cakap backpack tak boleh exercise?

Sunset in Venizia.

Damaged in Venizia, Italy
Food & Beverages: €9.5
Souvenirs: €25.07
Gondola: €16 each (€80 total)
Total : €50.57 (~MYR 294.82)

Z: Balek cabin memang barai. Nuff said. 

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