Monday, October 26, 2015

Wilkommen to Munchen

Euro Trip
Destination 1: Mereput di Dubai
Destination 2: Bonjour, Paris!
Destination 3: The Amazing Alps
Destination 4 : Chamonix
Destination 5: Pisa yang Senget
Destination 6: Bongiorno, Roma
Destination 7: Lost in Venice
Destination 9: What Happened in Amsterdam, Stays There (or Here)!
Destination 10: Kinderdijk to Bruxelles

Tolong sorak dari luar je mampu.

From Venizia, let's go up towards the Germany. We departed quite early from Venice as we had a lot of pit-stops to do before we arrived at our final destination of the day. And as usual, dalam kereta berpuaka, kerja gua adalah tido-bangun-pergi tandas-makan-repeat. I can't drive as I am still an underage (eh!) girl. Barulah boleh bajet mudakan... Anyway, the minimum age to drive is 25 and the rental company wouldn't let anyone under the age of 25 to drive their car. So, next year kalau ke Europe lagi baru boleh drive. Hihihi

This was the day where we were gonna crossed 3 countries. Italy - Austria - Germany.

We departed from Venizia at 0830 and arrived at Innsbruck at 1330. It seems like a lonely planet when we arrived there. So quiet. Maybe we came at the wrong time. Maybe. 

We stopped by at the Innsbruck Square. My oh my. I love the architecture at the square itself. It's a place where everyone can do most of the leisure stuffs such as picnic, skateboarding, reading and so much more. We took our picnic paperbag and start doing some picnic stuffs. While we were having our lunch, we were entertained by the skateboarders, freestyle football and roller-bladers (is there such word?). 

Partial of Innsbruck Square.

When I saw the architecture at the square, it reminds me of a project from one of the critique session that I attended during my second semester. Might be you are guessing what the hell a computer student doing in an architecture studio? Well, it's related to my research stuffs. 

Might be also you are wondering, memang engkorang datang Austria nak makan je ke? 
Aah, we came to Austria just for lunch k. So, boleh lah tambah 1 lagi negara dalam list kan... It's ok, I'll come back to explore more of it.

At 1530, we embarked our jorney to Germany. What I love about Germany is the sign of Autobahn on the road. What the hell os autobahn, you may ask. Well, autobahn is a road where there's no speed limit. It's every racers or drivers dream.
When we were using the road, there were a lot of constructions, so not a good sign for Azim and Syam because they need to follow the speed limit. Tsk tsk tsk...

We arrived at München around 1815. München is Munich. Our first pit-stop in München was the Hard Rock Cafe. You must be wondering why we stopped at every HRC along the way we went. To be honest, it's for the WiFi. hehe

In front of the HRC, there's Hofbrauhaus. We were interested at the place and we saw a lot of people went in there. Apalagi, masuk laahh. Lepas tu keluar balek sebab tempat tu memang famous because of its beer kot. Tapi paling best apabila semua yang local pergi kat situ pakai traditional costume derang. Merasa la jugak tengok culture orang Jerman.

We wandered around the street looking for food. FYI, Germany is quite expensive when it comes to food. Kau bayangkan harga Nasi Afghanistan je dah €25. In the end, we ordered it 2 and shared it among us. Luckily, the portion is quite big.

After we ate, we wandered around the street. It was raining and friggin' cold outside. So, I don't have a nice shot of photos in Munich. Here's a few photos though.

Harga jam ni mahal nak mampus.
Marienplatz kot.

Before we went to our stay in Bavaria, we headed to our last pit-stop of the day which is the Allianz Arena. Hoyeah! Yang paling bestnya, masa tu Bayern Munich tengah lawan dengan sape ntah and menang 5-1. Our lucky day.

We went back to our stay and arrived at Ettenstatt around midnight. Gosh, we didn't expect the journey would be that long. Nasib baik owner rumah AirBNB tak tidur lagi. It's a cozy home and the owner of the house let us to play the XBox. The boys were head over toe when they heard that they can play the console game. Pukul 1 pagi main game, lantak depa lah.


Around 0945, we were headed to Amsterdam. Anyway, the view at this village is so damn beautiful. Engkorang ingat tak bukit yang jadi background Windows tuh? Kat sini ada ala-ala bukit tuh.

Damaged in Innsbruck,Austria - Munchen, Germany
Food & Beverages: €6.19
Souvenirs: €6.5
Miscellaneous: €0.7 
Total : €13.39 (~MYR 78.06)

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