Friday, September 16, 2011

Sorry for not updating M.G. blog.

Hi guys.
From the title above, you already know what this entry was all about.
Sorry guys for not updating my blog.
I'd been very very very busy lately.
Inshaallah, I'm gonna update M.G. blog frequently, just like before the fasting season.

Last 3 weeks, I was busy about Eid preparation. However, I already set my entries automatically.
Last 2 weeks, I'd been busy about Eid, duhh!
Last week, I was freaking busy with Minggu Transformasi Mahasiswa (MTM).

I am so lazy to re-type about whatever happened during that week. So, I just give you guys a link for you to see in details about MTM.
click here!
(I am one of the admin of that website.)

And this week, I am busy with classes and meetings. I really wanna emphasized on meeting because, I had at least one meeting everyday starting from 11th til 16th September 2011.
I can felt the weight on my shoulder as I walk through 2 meetings in a day.
Today, I'm gonna go through another meeting for MegaCulture Fiesta (MCF) 2011.

For my KIV.
Sunday 11/9/11 : MPM meeting.
Monday 12/9/11 : MCF meeting.
Tuesday 13/9/11 : Pre-fac & MCF meeting.
Wednesday 14/9/11 : Silat meeting.
Thursday 15/9/11 : Faculty meeting.
Friday 16/9/11 : MCF meeting.


BTW, these are the videos taken during MTM. Enjoy!

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