Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

/* I was busy jumping through tab at my windows and then, one of my senior share a link about the closing down of FACEBOOK! Well, now I'm gonna share it with you. */

The creator of FACEBOOK

Don't know whether it was true or not (hopefully NOT!), it stated there Mark Zuckerberg will close FB on this coming March. 

You are already freaking RICH bha.
There are sooo MANY comments about it and most of them DIDN'T agree with you. If you are so stress, why don't you sell it to other people. You created it and now you wanted to shut it down. In the Social Network, you said that (I think so...) FB is different from Friendster and MySpace and because of what? Because you thought everyone wanted to stay connected to their family members and friends that they knew.

For me, FB make me knows whatever happened around me even though I'm not there. So, please don't shut down FB. I guess almost everyone agree with me.
(emo cket...XD)

Must Watch!

p/s: After this, we are connected through Blogspot. Thoughts?

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