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What happened in Amsterdam, stays there (or here)!

Euro Trip
Destination 1: Mereput di Dubai
Destination 2: Bonjour, Paris!
Destination 3: The Amazing Alps
Destination 4 : Chamonix
Destination 5: Pisa yang Senget
Destination 6: Bongiorno, Roma
Destination 7: Lost in Venice
Destination 8: Wilkommen to Munchen
Destination 10: Kinderdijk to Bruxelles

     Z: Azim, boleh tak I duduk depan?
     A: Hahh, tanya Syam.
     Z: Syam, boleh tak I duduk depan?
     S: Tanya Azim. 

Ahh derang ni. Sorang tanya sorang. Last-last, duduk depan jugak. Hehe. 

Anyway, I was so tired sitting at the back of the MPV. I wanna know how it feels like sitting at the front. Lucky for us, we rented a 9-seaters car in Paris. We departed from Ettenstatt at 0925 and got lost in the town. We drove and drove and drove until we reached Heidelberger at 1415.

On our trip to the Netherlands, I was mesmerized with the toilets there. We need to pay €0.70 to enter the toilet and came out the receipt. You can used the receipt at the store which is worth €0.50. Rugi kalau tak guna resit tu. Boleh kumpul and used it along the R&R in Germany.

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At Heidelberger, we had our lunch at one of the restaurant there and continued our journey to Amsterdam. And this is where our adventure in Nederland began.

If you're looking for a Halal restaurant in
Heidelberger, go and find this restaurant.
Kacau je Faris tuh.

I was sitting at the front watching the view on the road. It's different. My view was wide. Duduk belakang, gua nampak kepala orang je lah. Syam was driving the car and at the same time, I'd become the second co-pilot together with Azim. And of course, Azim was the first co-pilot.

Ada dabei jual rah Germany tuk tek duhal...

It was late in the evening. Then, suddenly, there's a police patrol car, driving besides us with a light signals and a sign which we didn't know what it means. The three of us at the front was startled to see the patrol car.

     Z: Weyh. Polis weyh!
     A: *terus tarik seatbelt* Azie ah ni duduk depan.
     Z: Tapi 3-seaters car. So, tak mungkin.
     A: Syam, kau over speed limit tak?
     S: Tak lah. Manade. So, nak follow ke tak? Dah lepas traffic light dah tuh.
     Z: Follow je lah. Tu! Derang berenti kat situ.  

Kau dahlah kat negara orang. Tiba-tiba ada polis pulak tahan korang. Ape perasaan engkorang?

So, here's the story went.

     Police Officer: Do you guys speak English? May I see your passport?
     S: May I come out?
     Police Officer: Sure.
     A: Okay semua, bak passport!
     Police Officer: *check all the passports* Alright. You guys good to go.
     Z: Emm... Why are we being arrested?
     Police Officer: Do you guys heard about the Syria refugees?

Laa. Lupa pulak time tu pelarian Syria banyak masuk ke bahagian Eropah. Bang, kami bukan orang Syria, tudung Syria je ada nih.

We arrived in our stay in Amsterdam at 2230. Dah malam. Tuan rumah pun rasanya dah tido. Ahh well, there's nothing we can do even though there are a lot of autobahn before we arrived in Nederland border. It's just that, too many road construction and we must follow the rules so that we will not received any summon.

We arrived at Wijdenes with a freezing cold breeze greeted us. I just stayed in the car for the warmth while Azim and Anis contacted the owner of the house using their satellite phone.

The owner of the house showed us how to use the washing machine and the dryer.
The living room. They have a collection of GoT and it's not in English.


Selalunya, kalau kat Malaysia sekarang ni, dah dengar dah takbir Raya. And for the first time, we celebrated Eid far from home. Barulah acah-acah beraya diperantauan gittew. Tapi Raya Aidiladha je pun nak kecoh. Engkorang tak tahu perasaan iols masa tu apabila group family sent gambar juadah raya. Sokay, experience katanya. 

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We had our Maggi mee for breakfast and a frozen macaroni cheese pizza provided by the owner for lunch. Orang kat rumah makan rendang, kari, lemang bagai kot. Tapi takpe. Sis tabah dan sabar.

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After we had done some photoshoot near the homestay, we changed and get ready to go to some interesting places in Amsterdam.And yes. You know where it is.


Azie was here, bij!

I couldn't believe that I was at the famous I AMsterdam landmark. It was freezing cold. Around 11 degree Celcius. Aircond pun tak sejuk macam ni. Ni baru katakan sejuk sampai ke tulang. I wore 4 layers of clothes but it was still cold. Entah camne depa ni tahan dengan sejuk.

Then, we got hungry and wandered around near the town to find a Halal restaurant. We walked and wandered. So many people everywhere. And of course, I found the place where Hazel and Gus dated.

Lunch 2.0 at Crystal Restaurant.
Nutella to its finest!
Just bought this. Filled with Nutella inside. Only €3.
There's a drizzle when we stepped outside the restaurant. Oh ya. I almost forgot, when you are walking in Amsterdam, be careful with the tram. The tracks are on the road where the cars, bicycle and etc use the same road too. Yea, it's quite confusing. Sangat takut nak lintas jalan kat sini. Tak macam kat Italy where they respect the pedasterian. Sini pun respect gak tapi perasaan iols je kot yang jalan kat sini sangat scary.

Amsterdam. Where the weed is legal. So, it's time to do some weed-hunting. They're everywhere. Too bad I can't bring back home some of it. Sampai KLIA nanti terus kena tangkap polis. No way. Malaysia is too strict with the weed tapi alcoholic lepas pulak kan. Eh.

Weed-flavoured lollipop.
If you are planning to smoke some joint, make sure you are above 18. They will asked for you identification. They asked me for my identification. Showed my passport and I can choose whatever I wanted. But then, did I look like I am not over 18?

At the Betty, TOO
How to find the weed joints?
Ahh well, it's being facade by the look of a normal coffee house. Like seriously. When you arrived at the counter, there you saw a list of weeds. I don't smoke, so I bought a space cake. There's always a first time for everything.

The chocolate flavoured Space Cake. Cost me €5. Jangan sik encuba.
At 1730, we went back to Wijdenes and had some rest and dinner.
Night time in Amsterdam, you can guess where we were going after that.

We wandered and saw a lot of girls knocking their glass door to get some attention from the male pervs-ehem customers. Sewa satu gelas kaca tu dah €50. There's no such thing as free sex there. Lols

We went for a peep show. Just put €2 coins in a slot and then a mirror will opened up for you to see a striptease in the middle of the room. 

Who can go and watch the peepshow?
A couple. 
A man.
Two women.
But not two men. Macam gay sia!

There are a lot of things to there. There's a show or whatever it is and needed to pay €25 (I think so) for the entrance fare. And of course I am not going to watch that. I can watched it online.. ooppss! Just kidding!

So, we went to the Prostitute Museum which cost me €8.5 per entrance. A lot of exhibitions held in there. And you get to feel and pose like one of them. Lols.

Pose like erk...
At 2200, we gathered at one point and there's no one there. So, I wandered around and lost in the weird part of the district. Yeahh. Finally, we found the purple lights glass. As I read in the museum, the red is for girls and the purple is foorrrr...


Rasa nak gelak sia tengok depa. Tapi tahan je la because I don't want to be rude. They are a human being too, kan!

While waiting for the newly married couple, Azim & Anis, Faris and I met up Syam at the meeting point and started exchanging stories.

     Z: Syam, you pergi mana tadi?
     F: Kau pergi mana tadi doh? Puas aku cari korang. Azim Anis mana?
     S: Derang tengok show tu. Aku malas nak masuk. Aku pergi area belakang tu tadi.
     Z: Buat ape tadi?
     S: Tengok porn. Foodporn..
     Z: Ui, dah makan pun lapar balik?
     S: Kalau ada tanda Halal tadi, dah lama dah sebat.

Typical Syam. 

Damaged in Amsterdam, The Netherland
Food & Beverages: €5
Souvenirs: €10.3
Miscellaneous: €2.5
Prostitute Museum: €8.5  
Total : €26.3 (~MYR153.34 )

Z: I tried the spacecake. I didn't get high. All I got is getting hungrier after ate the cake. So, let's cooked some Maggi!

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