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Kinderdijk to Bruxelles

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It's our last day going here and there. Today, We were gonna crossed three countries again, Nederland-Belgium-France. But before we went to Brussels, we stopped by at Kinderdijk to see some windmills. We departed from our homestay at 1020 and arrived at Kinderdijk at 1200. 

Kinderdijk, The Netherlands is one of the UNESCO World Heritage. It's worth to go there. The entrance fee is €7.5. There's a parking port available to park your car inside the compound. So don't worry about your car getting lost. 

When I stepped outside the car, I felt the cold breeze on my skin. Ingatkan semalam je sejuk, tapi rasanya memang sejuk kat Netherland ni. There are some stories behind Kinderdijk. Most of the Netherlands are below sea level. So, to prevent flood, they built the windmills and lived in there. 

Kinderdijk map

This place is beautiful and huge. You can either use a bike, walk or  water-cruise to get to the museums in there. And of course, you need to pay extra if you used the cruise. We walked and snapped a lotsa photos. We were fortunate when we visited Kinderdijk because we got a chance to see how they're changed the direction of the 'big fan'.

Kat Netherlands ni lah femes dengan terompah
kayu ni. Tapi tak dan la iols nak beli.
The ticket itself dah boleh jadi memento.
Windmill, windmill for the land...
At the other side, there's an interactive museum where you can go there to get to know about the histories of Kinderdijk. Don't worry, it's in English. 
Nak tahu kat mana museum tuh, kat belakang lambang National Graphic bawah ni hah...

Acah-acah National Geographic gittew.

We departed from Kinderdijk at 1500 and arrived at Bruxelles (Brussels) at 1815. Our itinerary for that day was quite packed. 
In Brussels, you can't park anywhere you want. Most of the carparks by the roadside are just for the Belgians. So, we need to find a carpark near the Manekin Pis. 

Kesian kami dah happy dapat parking. Sekali orang yang jaga parking tu suruh alih kereta and cakap parking tu hanya untuk orang Belgium je. Tengok plat kereta la kan. Kan kat plat kereta yang kami sewa tu ada logo biru lepas tu bintang disusun dalam bentuk bulat dan ada initial France yang korang pakai acah-acah kat sini lepas tu letak kat tepi plat kereta korang tuh. Pandai pulak lepas tu letak singkatan nama negeri masing-masing. Kreatif sangat. lels.

And yes, the lift here have the negative number.
There's no such thing as B, B1, B2 bagai.
We wandered around in Belgium while watching the sunset among the building. And of course, I was amazed with the building architecture here. Our first pit-stop in Brussels was the famous Manekin Pis itself. Coklet yang depa jual dalam tu tak payah cite lah. Tulis je €6. Murah la tu. Jangan convert ke duit Malaysia plis. But we can taste the chocolates that they sell, which is nice. 

Tak senonoh punya budak. Kencing merata je keja.
Yummehh. Amek je.
The famous Belgium chocolates.
And of course, besides the BELGIUM CHOCOLATES, they are also famous with their waffles. Memang kau pernah makan waffle kat Malaysia ni, tapi pengalaman makan the waffle from their originated place is worth to try. Walhal, sama je rasa dia. Tapikan, kat Malaysia ada tak yang camnih (tengok gambaq bawah)?

Just add another €0.5 for each topping. 
Some of the shop here sells this. It looks delish but I was out of Euros.

Guest what, I ordered a banana nutella waffles. Tu pun dah rega €3. Tapi dah lapar. Makan je lah

Anyway, here are some of the views that I managed to capture when I was in Brussels. Tak puas kot. I wanna go here again. 

Almost sunset. The view of the sunset, I
captured it with my mind. I'm not going to
share it. :P 
Happiness is ...
Sempat la melayan concert sekejap sambil cari jalan ke Hard Rock Cafe.

We departed from Brussels at 2030 and arrived in Paris at 0012. Bangun-bangun je dari tidoq, Azim bukak pintu and kejutkan cakap dah sampai depan Hard Rock Cafe Paris. Dengan mamainya gua jalan ke HRC Shop and pilih barang pesanan orang

I faced some difficulties when paying my stuffs there. Suddenly, my debit card cannot be used. It's twice already when I was in my Euro Trip. Once was in Amsterdam and then, in Paris. I was out of Euros to pay the stuffs. The weird thing is, I can used my debit in HRC Brussels. Luckily Azim's card can be used. My Euros dah habis untuk bayar cash kat HRC Amsterdam. Nasiblah. Then, I decided that I need this annoying thing called credit card. *sigh*

We stayed at Kitty Hostel. Boleh dikatakan, indah khabar dari rupa. The room is not that well tend. That's all I can say. Dah lah berapa kali sesat. The others didn't sleep and packed their stuffs while I slept like a baby. Lucky for me that I already packed during our stayed in Amsterdam.


We departed from the hostel before dawn and go to the CDG Airport. Faris and I was assigned to take care of all the things while the others went to sent the rental car. Oh ya, the mak ciks were already on their way to London.

After our counter opened, we (Faris, Syam and I) were the first one to check in. The weird thing is, if they said our luggage is too large, they will asked us to bring our luggages to the side of Emirates counter. Then, at that particular place, there are someone who will bring your luggage into the fleet. Dah macam self-service angkat luggage sendiri kat orang tepi tu. Sama je macam kat KLIA/2. Tapikan, bagpack je kot. My bagpack is 40L je. Kecik cenonet jer.

Yeaaay, dapat duduk depan tepi tingkap lagi tuh.
Tengok TV jers.

We supposedly departed at 1120 but something came up.
Kau bayangkan, pintu flight dah tutup dan kau dengan senang hatinya dah duduk dalam flight layan movie bagai. Then, tetiba nampak ketua anak kapal bukak pintu and engineer masuk terus naik deck atas. Tu OK lagi. Sejam lepas tuh, kau nampak pulak pilot keluar dari cockpit. 

You must be wondering, what the hell happened, dude? All the passengers were restless and hungry. No explanation, nothing. Our flight was delayed. The passengers asked whether they can embarked the plane. To think about that, if the passengers embarked the plane and suddenly the fleet is OK, it will cost the time. Some of them wanted to get to the next flight. Anyway, none embarked the plane as the cabin crews agreed to give us some refreshments.

Janji boleh alas perut bertemankan Shaun the Sheep.

    S: Lapar lagi lah. Agak-agak nak tambah lagi boleh tak?
    Z: Boleh kot. Panggillah flight attendance yang Malaysian tuh.
    S: Bang. Bang, nak lagi boleh?
    FA: Boleh. Nak berapa? Tiga eh? Jap ye.

After three hours in the flight, then there's an announcement saying that there's a problem with the panel at the loading deck. So, they need to wait for the panel and the engineer from Russia. The installations took about an hour. 

At 1619, we departed from Paris. 5 hours delay. Pheeww...

Ni baby Lorenzo. Orang Perancis.
Comel kan. Barely 2 tapi beratnya, ya ampun.
The panel that they wanted
to change.

We arrived in Dubai at 0058 (UAE Time Zone) and I didn't sleep the whole journey. I watched 5 or 6 movies. Arrived at the airport, there are several cabin crews waiting outside with our new flight itinerary. We went to the counter and get our tickets with the complimentary meal voucher. Punyalah banyak restaurant, we decided to eat at Burger King. Taknak jalan jauh punya pasal. Penat kot.

Catching the sunrise from DXB to KUL.
A: Kau kat mana.
B: Sialkot.
A: Aku tanya baik-baik ni. Berank kau sialkan aku.
B: *rujuk gambar*

We departed from DXB at 0350 (UAE Time Zone and arrived in KUL at 1430 (Malaysia Time Zone). Yang ni memang gua pengsan sepanjang flight. I woke up just to catch the sunrise and had my early breakfast. Then, I continued my sleep.

Ni adalah jetlag yang teramat. Masa penerbangan lebih kurang 10 jam instead of 6 masa pergi dulu. Tired sia. 

Damaged in Kinderdijk, The Netherland - Bruxelles, Belgium
Food & Beverages: €11.3
Souvenirs: €5
Ferry: €1.5
Kinderdijk: €7.5  
Total : €26.3 (~MYR153.34 )

Z: Nak pergi lagi, boleh tak? 

Travel duration: 11th - 26th September 2015

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