Saturday, November 7, 2015


Hey there. I often write about my travel adventures. So, right now, I am writing something else than travelling. If you find this boring, feel free to close the tab up there.

Right now, I feels like I wanna write about advertisements. If you think I'm about to promote some products or services, you are wrong babe. Nope! I'm not gonna promote any product or services because I will not do it unless I tried it. And of course, I am that kinda person yang jarang guna any product or services yang pelik-pelik (to me). Kalau nak cakap pasal beauty products, I am not the right person to turn to. Why? Sebab diri sendiri pun jarang nak jaga muka dan kulit -.-

Anyway, have you ever stumbled on any advertisements through your social media?

Well, for me, there are abundant of ads in the social media especially in Facebook. When you are scrolling your Facebook news feeds, you will absolutely, definitely, came across with any product or services advertisements. You will either read it or skipped it.

User 1, Read It.
You are interested in that particular product/service, so you took your time to read the caption that has been meticulously wrote by the owner to attract the buyers. It doesn't matter whether you trust or had a doubt about the product/service, but you just wanted to know what they can offer you if you wanna buy it. After you read the whole thing, then, came along with these two choices in your head which are

"PM sis!"  


"Nope. Not gonna buy it. Ape sia tulis camtuh? How am I supposed to know what 'curlass', 's0ami', 'ket!ak' supposed to mean? Boleh je kan tulis elok-elok such as 'class', 'suami', 'ketiak'". And this user will eventually becoming the second user which is Skipped It.

User 2, Skipped It.
"Oh. Not interested with this product. So, I'm just gonna skipped it like nothing happened."

Ahh well, I love to read all the captions written there. Kengkadang tu, garu kepala jugaklah nak faham apa yang ditulis. It's not like you are writting something obscene atau perkataan yang tak sepatutnya (unless you are inteded to do that).

From what I know, you'll used symbols if you wanna say F*ck or sh!t or b!*ch. But hey, this is only from my point of view. Just my 2 cents.

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