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Bongiorno, Roma

Euro Trip
Destination 1: Mereput di Dubai
Destination 2: Bonjour, Paris!
Destination 3: The Amazing Alps
Destination 4 : Chamonix
Destination 5: Pisa yang Senget
Destination 7: Lost in Venice
Destination 8: Wilkommen to Munchen 
Destination 9: What Happened in Amsterdam, Stays There (or Here)!
Destination 10: Kinderdijk to Bruxelles

Urang lain: Tilit apa ya deng?
Me: Tilit dak tuk berkelaie.

After we had our breakfast at the Villa Camerata, we drove our way to Rome from Firenze. But before that, we must fold the bedsheets and pillowcase and returned it at the counter. Packed our stuffs and put it in the car. Then, we can had our breakfast in peace. 

We got lost in Rome. The GPS was no help at all. It didn't show the location to our next destination. After a few hours getting lost in Roma, finally at 1400, we found the Fabulous Camping Village. Yep. We stayed at a camping site. It's an awesome place to stay walaupun kat ceruk mana ntah dalam Rome tuh

The receptionist building of Fabuous Camping Village

Fabulous Camping Village is a camp site where you can rent a site for camping or caravan-ing or a cabin itself. It's a huge place. They have a swimming pool, restaurant, tennis court and grocery store at the site. At the grocery store, they sell cheap stuffs there. A yogurt for €0.22 only. Mana nak cari wey? Kalau tukar ke MYR pun still murah kot dari kedai-kedai kat Malaysia ni. Anyway, all the visitors must wear a wristband provided by them for safety purposes. If you wanted to go out, please get to the campsite before 0000 because they won't let you drive your car into the site after midnight. Parking kat luar and menapak sampai ke cabin la gamaknya.

Masok cabin terus nampak dapur and rest area. Our cabin has a bathroom, a toilet,
kitchen and 3 bedrooms.

During night time, we off to see the city. Driving in Rome was crazy. Jalanraya tu la guna untuk kereta, bas and tram. So, bagi yang tak biasa dengan jalan camtuh, hati-hati la dijalan raya. Our first pit-stop was HRC Roma. Took a few photos there and then went to see the Colosseo. 

Sik tauk pa motip bulatan ya rah sia.

At first, I couldn't believe that the Colosseum was right in front of my eyes. Kalau boleh nak mintak member give me a pinched to check whether it's a dream or not. Nope. It's not a dream. 

From what I saw, the Colosseo is still under reconstruction or maintenance. That won't stop me to stare at it. I don't know how many people died in there during the Roman Empire but the ruin is still so majestic to me. It held a lot of histories from millenniums ago. Kalau kat Malaysia ni, semua akan cakap tempat ni haunted. Lols. 


Bila kau orang Malaysia yang makan nasi setiap hari and sampai je kat negara luar, kau kena ubah selera makan macam orang sana. Hampir seminggu tak jumpa nasi, dan bila kau jumpa . . .

Selera dia lain macam.

Nasi + telur goreng + mayo + cili sos.
Sedap bak ang! Berapa kali tambah nasik tu tak payah citelah.

Actually, we already had a seafood cabonara for breakfast. But before we off to see Rome, we cooked and ate our lunch. It's rice. We ate til full. At 1100, we went out and explore the city. 

It's weekend and there are a lot of tourists. We parked our car near the Vatican City and walked towards it. And don't forget to pay the parking fee though. It's €2 sekali park. 

The line to go into the Musei Vaticani was quite long. We decided not to go inside and had a walk along the area. The ticket to enter the museum was around €50-ish. We're on a cheap budget, so took a few photos and went to the nearest Metro, Ottaviano. 

The Vatican City. The most Christian place on Earth, I guest.
And look at the queue.

When using the Metro, it cost €1.5 per way. From Ottaviano, it took us about 3 stops before we reached the Spagna station. At Spagna, it is famous because of the Spanish Steps. Have you watched The Man from UNCLE? It filmed here. hehe

But for me, it's quite hectic there and couldn't find a good angle to get the best photo. And of course, there are a lot of branded boutique along the road. At Spagna, there are a lot of people who sell stuffs. To those romantic boyfriend/hubby, you can buy a rose and give it to your loved one. But beware, if you don't want it, firmly said NO to them. There's a tactic that they used to me. A guy who sells flower came to me and handed me a rose. I said NO but then he said, "I give it to you". I was flattered and said thank you. When I wanted to walk away, he rushed to my friends and asked them for money. And I was like, "Dude, you gave it to me. Why you asking for money from my friend?" In the end, I returned the flower because I really didn't want the flower at first. And of course, I am not the flowery-stuffs kinda girl. Sik ikhlas punya worang!

The Spanish Steps

After a few selfie and jump-shot session, we walked to Spagna station and bought another ticket to Colosseo. It cost us €1.5 per ticket. To go to Colosseo via Metro, we need to change the station at Termini and from there, head your way to the Colosseo station. In the train, you will be entertained by the street performers playing with their sax or accordion. Just enjoy the scene k.

There were a lot of people there. So, beware of the pickpockets. You'll never knew your unfortunate events will occurred. We took a lot of photos there (most of them were selfies, and malas nak upload kat sini) and it's hotter than in Paris and Switzerland. Please wear accordingly and drink a lot of water. 

At 1700, we headed home (Fabulous Camping Village) from the Vatican City and enjoyed our time at the camp site.

Damaged in Roma, Italy
Food & Beverages: €4.07
Souvenirs: €2.6
Metro: €4.5
Total : €11.17 (~MYR 53.95)

Z:  I reset my phone and all my Europe travel details were lost. So, I'm gonna post whatever I can remember from the trip. Gaahhh....

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