Friday, October 23, 2015

Pisa yang Senget

Euro Trip
Destination 1: Mereput di Dubai
Destination 2: Bonjour, Paris!
Destination 3: The Amazing Alps
Destination 4 : Chamonix
Destination 6: Bongiorno, Roma
Destination 7: Lost in Venice
Destination 8: Wilkommen to Munchen
Destination 9: What Happened in Amsterdam, Stays There (or Here)!
Destination 10: Kinderdijk to Bruxelles

Bawak balek Pisa Tower buat kenangan.

My journey from Chamonix to Firenze took us about 11 hours. We departed from Chamonix at 0830 and arrived at Firenze at 1930. Before arriving in Firenze, we took a pit-stop at Pisa, Italy. The weather was getting hotter, and we knew that we were in Italy.

There's a lot of tunnel on our way to Italy.
Bayangkan kau sama level dengan awan...
We arrived in Pisa at 1500. Finally, I saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa right in front of my eyes. There're a lot of tourists there and for the first time, I met a lot of Malaysians in a place. Before ni jarang nau nak tengok Malaysians. Maybe banyak kat Paris tapi tak perasan kot.

We take a few photos here and there...
I know what you guys are planning to do.
Asal senget ?!
Cool, right?
We were freaking hungry, so, we decided to get some food into our system. The good ol' doner kebab before we off to Firenze. We departed from Pisa at 1730 and off to Firenze.

Firenze or also known as Florence.
We stayed at a hostel called Villa Camerata. The first time I went inside the building, it seems like a haunted mansion to me. It's huge though. They separated the men and women dorms. The women can sleep in the men dorm while the men can't do that in the women dorms. Masa nak pergi lepak kat bilik the boys nih, masa tu la semua lelaki nak kuar pakat-pakai pakai boxer je. Very very awkward moment. Krik krik krik...

My bed for the night.

Lepas lepak kejap kat bilik the boys, tetiba depa ajak nak ke Hard Rock Cafe Florence. And I was like, urghh malasnya nak tukar baju bagai. So, berjalanlah kami berlima ke HRC Florence.

The night scene in Florence is so lively. There are so many people everywhere. Wanna know why, one of the branded boutique was having a sale there. Kalau takde sale pun, I think they will be lotsa people there.

The nightlife at this square. Always mesmerized with the building in Europe.
Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore

Damaged in Firenze, Italy
Beverages: €2.12
Souvenirs: €5
Total : €7.12 (~MYR 34.46)

Z: Gua selebet je kuar pergi mall kat Malaysia nih and everybody bets their eyes. Well, gua jenjalan kat Florence pakai slipper jepon, seluar tracksuit and t-shirt and nobody gave a damn.

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