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Euro Trip
Destination 1: Mereput di Dubai
Destination 2: Bonjour, Paris!
Destination 3: The Amazing Alps
Destination 5: Pisa yang Senget
Destination 6: Bongiorno, Roma
Destination 7: Lost in Venice
Destination 8: Wilkommen to Munchen
Destination 9: What Happened in Amsterdam, Stays There (or Here)!
Destination 10: Kinderdijk to Bruxelles

Sape pernah dengar tempat bernama Chamonix before ni, say I?

Chamonix, pronounced as Scha-Mo-Nee.

Well, I heard about Chamonix before because Azim told me that he used to hike there for his Everest training. And I was always wondered, how Chamonix looks like. Then, I was there. It's a small town in France and located near the junction of France, Switzerland and Italy (this is stated in Google).

We departed from Iseltwald at 0650 and arrived in Chamonix at 1013. The journey to Chamonix was amazing. Along the way, we saw a lot of greenery as we drove up and down the hill.

#travellingberuang dah sampai kat Chamonix
After our arrival in Chamonix, it is quite hard to find a parking space. If you found a parking space, just parked your car there and have a walk around the town. It's a small town and you can get anywhere by foot. If you ever heard about Mont Blanc (pronounced as Mont Blo-nk, jangan nak jadi typical Malaysian sebut Mont Bla-nk), here's where it is. The highest peak is Mont Blanc (top of the Europe) and unfortunately, we couldn't view the Mont Blanc as it is covered in a sea of clouds.

We wandered around in Chamonix and you can see a lot of people takes their dog for a walk. Here's a view in Chamonix.

Not a fan of macaroons but I like to see their colorful colors. 
Something cheezy. heh
Magnet yang bapak mahal. The cheapest one
is around 3.
Mont Blanc behind there.
After we wandered by our own, we gathered in front of the souvenir shop and went to the only Halal restaurant in Chamonix. Dah tawaf Chamonix ni berapa kali dah, satu je jumpa. Kedai Arab pun, kedai Arab lah. Janji dapat makan. 

Chicken Kebab. I think it's around 6.50 per set with drinks and fries.
Besides Mont Blanc, Chamonix is also famous because of Aguille du Midi. So, we decided to go for it. However, we came at the wrong time. The cable car to Aguille du Midi is closed due to the windy weather up there. Thus, the only way to go up there is to hike. And we were not prepared for hiking. So sad T.T

Sunyi dan sepi sebab tutup.
Mont Blanc was still hiding under a blanket of clouds.
Sokay, I'll come back in the future. 

But fret not, there's another cable car which are still working at that kinda weather. It's located the opposite Aguille du Midi and you can either takes the whole day pass or one time pass. The price is €30.5 per trip and cheaper than Aguille du Midi cable car. I closed my eyes and hands in my euros (read: seratus lima puluh hengget!) to the cashier. The cable car at Le Brevent is closed at 1700. So, better plan your schedule quick. Oh, and one more thing, you can also go to Le Brevent for free if you have the stamina to hike. 

On top of Le Brevent, you can see people do the paragliding and stuffs. There's a restaurant up there and it's quite expensive. Kalau kau nak fefeeling makan kat atas gunung, dipersilakan tp belum tentu Halal lah. Anyway, I came up there for the view. 

Please ignore my messy hair due to the windy day. 
The first cable car is quite steep. For those who are afraid of height, I advice you to not to go up there. It's quite high. More than 2000 feet above sea level. After we took some photos at the first check point, then we need to board another cable car which will carry us to the top of Le Brevent (see the cable car in photo above). What can I say, worth every Euros.

Having a hot cup of chocolate at a bar.
At 1700, we went down using the cable car and walked to the souvenir shop that we were supposed to meet up. Like I said, it's a small town, you can walk and enjoy the view. Besides, you will meet a lot of hikers along the way. And as for me, I just wanted to sit down and have a cup of hot drinks. I went into a bar and ordered myself a hot chocolate drinks which cost me €3.5 (so that korang boleh agak-agak berapa harga makanan & minuman kat sana). Rasanya semua orang pelik tengok iols sebab pergi bar order hot chocolate drinks. Sukahati gua lah! And the barista at the bar is quite cute though. Teehee.

Then we checked in to our hostel, Fleur des Neiges, and had a rest after a long day.

The room. Amek a part je sebab makcik-makcik
tu dah bukak tudung kat dalam bilik.
Tandas dia kecik bak ang! Tapi yang paling best,
dah boleh berak dengan aman sebab ada air. :P
The view outside the window.
Woke up in the morning and see this view

Damaged in Chamonix, France
Food & Beverages: €4.8
Souvenirs: €8
Le Breven cable car: €30.5
Total : €43.3 (~MYR 207.84)

Z: Having your first day period during travelling is not cool. 

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