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The Amazing Alps

Euro Trip
Destination 1: Mereput di Dubai
Destination 2: Bonjour, Paris!
Destination 4: Chamonix
Destination 5: Pisa yang Senget
Destination 6: Bongiorno, Roma
Destination 7: Lost in Venice
Destination 8: Wilkommen to Munchen
Destination 9: What Happened in Amsterdam, Stays There (or Here)!
Destination 10: Kinderdijk to Bruxelles

Macam sedap. So I bought that freaking huge cookies. Memang sedap pung!
The price for that cookie was 2.95.

We departed from Paris, France at 1000 and arrived in Iseltwald, Switzerland around 1820. Talked about the 8 hours journey. We did make a few pit-stops along the way. Berhenti sebab lapar and nak ke tandas. Luckily, it's free to use the toilet. And it's clean too. I wish most of the toilet in Malaysia are clean like this. I know it will be hard because we have faucet plus the jamban cangkung. hihihi

Most of the drinks sold at the R&R are self-service.
Kau pandai-pandailah pakai machine ni kalau
nak minum air panas.

When we enter the Switzerland border, you need to get the sticker which cost about €40. This sticker is important because it will be captured/scanned at the toll gate. And as for us, the car rental company has settled the sticker for us. It is important to mention the countries that you will visited to them so that they can prepare everything for you.

Switzerland has a really nice view. Along the way from France to Switzerland, I saw all the green scenery. I was quite excited to see the Alps. Goshh.. The amazing Alps.

Bagai itik pulang petang & mother swan and her ugly ducklings.

We arrived at Lake Lodge, Iseltwald in the evening. Anis settled all the checked in stuffs and we're being told that the WiFi connection only available at the receptionist building. Pfft...
Now look at the bright side, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery more rather than looking at the rectangular devices where you need to charge it everyday. Tapi last-last, memang keluar ke receptionist jugak memalam sebab nak online. Yang penting, update dekat family my whereabouts and of course, upload a photo or two in Instagram. :D

So, here's the Lake Lodge looks like . . .

One of the bedroom. They has a total of 3
The kitchen. Tempat masak-masak.
The walkway. 
Memandangkan kami sampai lewat petang, so, here's how our lodge looks like in the

Later that night, Syam and Azim went out to get some food at Interlaken, the nearest town from Iseltwald. Syam told us that he spotted a few llamas on their way back. 
Rugi pulak tak follow depa. Kalau tak boleh jerit "KUZCO!!" time jumpa llama tuh.

* * * The very next day * * *

We had our breakfast at 0700 and at 0800, we went to Lauterbrunnen. I didn't remember how long was the drive from Iseltwald to Lauterbrunner because I fell asleep at the back of the car. One thing for sure, the temperature that morning was quite cold. Colder than in Malaysia, of course.

Upon arriving at Lauterbrunnen, we parked our car near the Staubbachfall. There is no free parking in Europe. So, you need to prepare some money to pay the parking ticket.

Lauterbrunnen is sooooooooooooooooooooooo breathtaking!
You can see the Alps from a close range. Tapi takde la dekat sangat pun. There's a lot of activities you can do at Lauterbrunnen such as hiking, cycling, camping, photo taking (eh!) and more.
At Lauterbrunnen, there's a train that will take you to the top of the mountain and you can view Lauterbrunnen from the top. I don't remember the price as I didn't board the train. In addition, there's a few cable car that can bring you to the top of the mountain. Anyway, there's an attraction at Schiltorn where James Bond acted there. It's quite expensive to go up there. Lagi-lagi dengan currency Malaysia yang tak berapa nak stabil. So, ambil gambar model je lah.

Anyway, every sides of Lauterbrunnen are photo-worthy. I just upload a few for you to get the picture how Lauterbrunnen looks like. For more view, please wait for the video which later (I don't know when) I'll upload it here.

Original fur.
Tak berani nak pegang sebab takut depa tak samak natang-natang ni.

One thing you should know about Switzerland; the food is expensive. Even a cup of coffee can cost you around €4 (cer kali dengan MYR 5). Rent-a-bicycle for 30 minutes can cost you around €22. Punyalah nak cakap Switzerland ni mahal, tapi in the future, I wanna come back here and enjoy the scenery with my family pulak, insyaAllah.

Well, there's also a free sightseeing place where you can go to but bear in mind, it has something to do with a lot of walking and stamina.

It's free to hike the Staubbachfall.
Staubbachfall; a man-made track where you can go around the waterfall and feel the nature. Jangan pulak kau terjun kat air terjun tu. Mentang-mentang lah kat Malaysia kau biasa pergi berkelah dan bermandi-manda kat air terjun, dan kat sini nak tunjuk perangai camtu. Mampus la ang. Kat bawah tu memang batu-bata.

Tapi kena panjat tangga ni lah.

Even though you are feeling tired after climbing the stairs, the view behind
the waterfall is priceless. You don't see this view quite often.
It's safe to drink the water. I tried it and it
felt so cold and refreshing.
#travellingberuang pun shiok duduk kat bag Syam.

After conquering the Staubbachfall (cewaaah!), we decided to go to Interlaken. But before that, we drove around at Lauterbrunnen campsite. At the campsite, you can either rent a space (if you're driving a caravan or planning to camp out) or a cabin (if you don't have one). You can click here to view the price of Camping Jungfrau Holiday Park. 
Kau bayangkan camping kat sini. Bukak-bukak khemah terus nampak panorama Swiss Alps depan mata. Indahnya ciptaan Tuhan.

This photo is captured near the camping park.

At noon, we went to Interlaken to get some food into our system. Last night, Azim and Syam has surveyed a few Halal restaurants and they brought us to one of the restaurant. We can't choose the food we ate, right?
Kebab, pizza, roti, repeat.
Kalau nak makan nasi goreng kampung, bolehlah prepare awal bahan-bahan kat Malaysia ye. And kau jangan expect ada logo Halal Jakim kat sana. Cukuplah sekadar logo Halal dan pertanyaan, "Do you sell pork here?". Kalau ada tu, kami memang ban kedai tu awal-awal.

In Switzerland, they had their own currency which is Swiss Franc. I didn't know that they had their own currency. Fortunately, they accepted Euro there. The currency exchange is FC 1 = €1.

Jam tangan jual kat tepi jalan je.
Croc pun jual kat tepi jalan je.
Hahh! This is Schiltorn that I mentioned above.
James Bond did their filming here (Schiltorn).
Some sketch.

A few hours is not enough to wander around in Interlaken. But we must go back home as the Sun already set down (al-maklumlah dalam trip ni ada makcik-makcik. So, kena considerate sikit). Before that, we went to Grindelwald to view another mountain, Eiger.

A selfie in front of the Eiger.
(Walhal muka baru bangun tido)
Going back to the Lake Lodge and enjoying the view while waiting for
the sunset.
Shhh. Bagi makan itik and swan kejap

During night time, we as in Azim, Syam, Faris and I, went back to Interlaken to see the nightlife. Not so much nightlife there. Sunyi dan sepi.
The boys wanted to see Man U match. So, we went to the Hooters bar.
It's cold during night time, so, I ordered a nice cup of hot tea.

Damaged in Switzerland,
Food & beverages : CHF8.8
Souvenirs : CHF 7.8
Miscellaneous : CHF1.9
Total : CHF20.5 (~MYR 99.43)

Z: Tak tahu lah puaka apa kereta tu, setiap kali masuk kereta, confirm tidur. 


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