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Bonjour, Paris!

Euro Trip
Destination 1: Mereput di Dubai
Destination 3: The Amazing Alps
Destination 4: Chamonix
Destination 5: Pisa yang Senget
Destination 6: Bongiorno, Roma
Destination 7: Lost in Venice
Destination 8: Wilkommen to Munchen
Destination 9: What Happened in Amsterdam, Stays There (or Here)!
Destination 10: Kinderdijk to Bruxelles

The camera from the tail. And the view is Dubai International Airport

My flight from Dubai to Paris was Airbus A380 and that was the first time I used double-deck fleet. Jakun gila weh! Yelah. Kat Malaysia, selalu naik Airbus biasa je. 

Our flight was at 0410 (Dubai local time) and the estimate time of arrival would be around 0930 (Central Europe local time). Boarded a morning flight made me had a chance to catch the sunrise from up and above the sky.

My seat during this flight was at the middle aisle. So, I wandered around in the flight (to kill the boredom as well) and went to Azim and Anis' seats. They got the window seat though.

And voila..

le sunrise
Halfway there.

After a while, when the Sun was up and slipped through some of the windows (almost all the windows were close because everyone was fast asleep), I got up and wandered to the back of the fleet. At first, I wandered as I was tired of sitting down and watching the movies. But then, I was very fortunate to wander at that time because I got to see this beautiful view of the Alps from above.

If you can see it.

During our arrival at Charles De Gaulle (CDG) airport in Paris, we rent a car at Enterprise. Azim's already booked a nine-seaters car beforehand and to get the car, a deposit of €1000 by using credit card is needed upon the purchase. To drive in Europe using the legitimate rental company, you must be above 25 years old (tak tahu lah kalau kat Europe ada sewa kereta yang tak legitimate macam kat Malaysia nih). It would be safer if you get your international driving license in Malaysia. And, please get used to the right-hand side when driving. Sometimes, you'll forget that you're driving in Europe as Malaysia use the left-hand side.

It was raining and windy. Sejuk tu tak payah cerita laah. Memang sejuk gilaa..

We drove for almost an hour. Got lost in Paris.
Entah kemana GPS bawak kami.

We checked in at our stay in Degremont. Got the apartment through AirBNB.
Some tips for you guys while staying in Europe.

  • Read the house rules and regulations. 
  • Don't just simply eat the owner foods unless the owner prepared it for you. If you accidentally ate the food, it's better to replace it with the same food or tell the owner during check out and give him/her the money. And of  course tell him/her that you felt sorry for it. 
  • Don't wet the floor in the toilet/bathroom (typical most of the Malaysian yang suka mandi dan basahkan lantai)
  • As a Muslim or Malaysian, kita dah biasa cuci dengan air lepas buat 'business'. And, the toilet in Europe doesn't equipped with faucet or water pipe. So, it's time to use some common sense of yours. You can filled up the empty water bottle with tap water before you go on your 'business' trip. Or you can always use the wet tissue (toilet roll will always be provided in the toilet). Anyway, I suggest that you always bring an empty bottle (or a bottle filled with tap water) in your bag anywhere you go. It will come in handy.
  • Halal foods. It's really hard to find Halal food. Kalau dah jumpa kedai kebab yang orang Arab jual tu, dah kira okay dah. Tapi kalau kau jenis orang yang masuk je semua benda dalam mulut, well, tu antara korang dengan Tuhan lah. Tapi kalau nak selamat, bawak bekalan dan periuk sendiri dari Malaysia. Halalan Toyibban gittew.
  • If there any points that I missed, I'll update this post. 

Our stay in Degremont. This is the living room.
One of the bedroom.
Sempat sketch with #travellingberuang

During night time, we wandered around in Paris. Our first pit-stop was the Arc de Triomphe.
At the Arc de Triomphe, you can see a double-deck bus stopped there. If you board this bus, it will take you to all the famous sightseeing places around Paris. So, it's up to you whether you are a cheapskate like me where you walked to every places you wanna visit or you have a lot of Euros and spent it on a tour by bus.

Don't be surprised if they parked their car
THIS close.

Then, we went to the most iconic building in the world, THE Eiffel Tower. Upon arriving, I can't believe that the Eiffel Tower was right in front of my eyes. Now I can crossed out Eiffel Tower in my checklist.

People always said that Paris is the city of love. Love is in the air bagai. . .
I don't feel anything. Like seriously! Memula tu je la. Tengok Eiffel Tower, amek gambar lepastu, dah. Setel.
Nak feeling love mende kalau orang berjual souvenir or beers follow kau kehulu kehilir so that kau beli souvenir tuh. But it's cheap. You can get 5 keychains for €1. If you're good in haggling, you can get 6 for €1. Besides, there are a lot of people there. Kissing scene is normal at the tower (kononnya nak manifest rasa cinta masing-masing).

In front of the Arc de Triomphe.
Boleh naik kat atas tu tapi tak tahu berapa
harga dia.
Underneath Eiffel Tower, I will wait for you.
Ohhh future hubby hear me lah,
Don't tutup pintu
Cause your hair is like penyapu,
Cause I know it full of kutu..

(Please say that you sing this caption)

* * * The very next day * * *

In the morning, we went to Franprix, which is near to our apartment, and bought some groceries. Just imagine you bought your groceries for only €7. And the good thing about Franprix, they sell Halal meat. Yeayyy!

Belakang bangunan Franprix tu tempat kami stay in Paris
Tengah pilih daging
I can't help it but this tomato is so fresh, huge and cheap. 

At 1000, we went to the Avenue at Champ Elysees (pronounced as Sham-pe-li-zee). You can find all the high end shops, car show room and cafes there. Malas aah nak tulis. Tengok gambar je ahh.

I went to all the car showrooms at the boulevard. What interest me was the Citroen showroom.
Toyota showroom.
Nak cakap secret garden, tak jugak.
This is Abercrombie & Fitch.
Adidas. You can scroll your favourite shoe
at this screen.
The most expensive toilet I ever been. Cost me 2. Cuba tukar dengan MYR.
This is by far the cleanest toilet in Paris (as stated by them).
Got slide at Citroen showroom. My inner child
wanted to play this slide. So, I paid 3 for the slide and
formula 1 experience.

Along the way, you can rent a supercar for 89/15 minutes. The route will be all the
famous spots around Paris. And of course, the owner of the supercar will be by your side.

After wandering around at the Champ Elysees, we went to the mosque. It's hard to find a parking spot near the mosque, so we parked quite far from the mosque and walk. Kalau berjalan ke masjid, dapat pahala kan?

If you are a non-muslim tourist, you need to pay to enter the mosque. Inside the mosque, there's a beautiful garden. To perform your solat, the male will go to the grand hall while the female need to go to the basement. Hurmm...

Behind this mosque, you can get Halal food.
But it's quite expensive.
The secret garden. cewaaah.

Then, we went to the Louvre. We parked the car nearby and walked. There's some interesting scene you can find there. Plus, the souvenirs they sell there are quite cheap (yang belum diconvert ke MYR lah). We walked and walked til we find a Turkish restaurant. I enjoyed the scenes that I observed along the way to the restaurant.

Hungry face. 
Catch the sunset at Musee de Louvre. 
Hard Rock Cafe Paris. Closes at 0100.

Damaged in Paris, France
Food : €1.55
Souvenirs: €7.1
Miscellaneous: €5
Total : €13.65 (~MYR 66.07)

Z : Letih gak nak tulis 2 days experience in one blogpost.

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