Friday, September 30, 2011

30th Syawal or 2 Zulkaedah ?

I was so confused on 28th September 2011. I looked in my planner, it stated there 30th Syawal. But some said that it already 2nd Zulkaedah. So, which one I need to trust then?

Anyway, that night was a hectic night. I need to attend 4 events and I can only attend 3 of it.
The events I need to attend were

First time using this kind of shawl.

KTR Raya Nyte
Convocation Festival Closing Ceremony
Jamuan Raya SUKSIS
SYGI meeting

Only Convocation Festival Closing Ceremony I didn't manage to attend though.

KTR Raya Nyte

It was a tiring night. Photos for you guys about SUKSIS Raya Nyte.

Me and twin.

the seniors
the intermediate

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