Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dago Car Free Day

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Day 2: The Beautiful Kawah Putih
Day 3: Tangkuban Perahu Trip
Day 4: My Very First Conference

Our last day in Bandung and it's Sunday. Ngah told us that there's a famous event located at Dago Street which is called Dago Car Free Day. From the name of the event, you can get what the event is all about. We went there by cab because it's quite far from our hotel. Ngah told me that the Car Free Day in Bandung is so lively compared to the one in KL. And I witnessed it with my own eyes and I rest my case. True story. Nang antap best lalu event ya. Gamboh jak! 

We walked along the streets and there are lotsa people doing lotsa things there. Some went for cycling, walking, jogging and more. There are also organizations who did some parade/marching along the street. Performances such as busking, dangdut, flash mob and more happened along the street. It was fun and enjoyable morning.

Taken by Ngah's iPhone6
Going back to the hotel by using Angkutan.
Quite cheap though.


Went to the airport at 1100 to catch our flight at 1405. Here's a tricked to get into the lounge at Bandung Airport. At the lobby of the airport, there will be someone who'll managed our luggage and ticket check in. He will closed one of the counter to the other passengers so that we can checked in our luggage. Kira macam cop kaunter tu laa. We gave our passports and luggage to him and he handled everything. Ngah gave him some tips and off we went to the airport lounge. 

We need to pay certain amount of money (I forgot the price) when entering the lounge. In the lounge, we can eat and drink what they had served there. After a while, the person who are in-charge at the lounge counter will gave us back our passport including the boarding ticket. Senang kan

Kiteorang dah reserve counter ni.
Had our lunch at the lounge.

Yup. That's all for our Bandung Trip. I was pretty nervous for the night event in KL actually. Hehe...

Z: Pergi bawak 4 luggage, balek Malaysia, luggage beranak-pinak. And berjuta-juta Rupiah habis di Bandung. Trip was from 20th - 24th May 2015.

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