Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Very First Conference

Paris Van Java
Day 5: Dago Car Free Day

I had my conference nerve in the morning because I was the second presenter of the day. It has been a long time since I did my presentation. Since I enrolled my Master, I seldom do any presentations. Thus, to soothe the nerve, I went down for breakfast. I was alone and I didn't know anyone there. 

After I had my breakfast, I went to the venue and prepared everything. I mingled around with some of the presenters there. My my.. It feels like I came from a different planet. Almost all of them presented in the morning has an education background. While, I came from a computing background. 

I presented as usual and I got a lot of questions from the audiences. I thought this conference was about educations, so I prepared my answers based on the education part of my research. However, it turned out that the audiences were mostly asking about the tools that will be used in my research. The feedback that I got from the conference were noted down for future references.

My published paper can be viewed here.


I checked out in the evening and gathered back with my family. We went to Factory Outlet hopping and I was pretty sure that I'd been to all the factory outlets in Bandung. 

Then we went to some sort of Seven Eleven in Bandung to buy Kak Effi's prepaid top up. I was intrigued to find out that they bought the pulsa via this kiosk. 

Enter the number at the kiosk and paid it at the counter. 
Got free charging station too.
I suggested that if you came to Indonesia, just bought the prepaid number at the airport. It's quite cheap. Rph 100000 for 4GB of Internet which is around MYR 28 when converted to Malaysia currency. Sangat murah. Tak tahu kenapa Internet kat Malaysia sangat mahal

After hours of Factory Outlet hopping, we all went to the Stone Cafe, again for an early dinner. 

Here is the view from the cafe in the evening.

The Stone Cafe

After we had our dinner, we went to the hotel and packed all our stuffs. 

It was weekend night, so, Ngah, Kak Effi and I went to Asia Afrika streets and view the night environment in Bandung. The road was congested with people and cars. We walked from the hotel to Braga City Mall. 

Along the walk, we enjoyed the night scenes. There were people who performed along the roadside, people who took lotsa photos including us, dogs-and-owners gathering and so much more. 

We chilled at Giggle Box Cafe & Resto. The mall was about to close, so we sat, ate and enjoyed the acoustic performances. 

Z: Malam yang sangat hidup!

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