Monday, June 29, 2015

Tangkuban Perahu Trip

Paris Van Java
Day 1: Selamat Sore, Pak!
Day 2: The Beautiful Kawah Putih
Day 4: My Very First Conference
Day 5: Dago Car Free Day

As usual, we had our heavy breakfast at the hotel and off we went to Tangkuban Perahu. It's quite a long journey to our next pit-stop. Jauh tu macam nak pergi ke Kawah Putih jugak laa.. But before we off to the Tangkuban Perahu, we had our detour to Kartika Sari. Ngah said that she wanted to buy some food for the journey.

If you go to Bandung, Kartika Sari is a must place to stop by. Wanted to get fresh baked foods, go there at early in the morning. 

Selorot tu memang favourite
After had our brief stop at Kartika Sari, we went to Tangkuban Perahu which is another famous sightseeing place in Bandung. The entrance fee for each foreigner is Rph 200000 during the weekdays. The ticket can be bought at the main entrance. Face mask is not needed at here because the air was fresher and cooler than at Kawah Putih. 

Upon arrival, there are a lot of people, everywhere. And they are full of either tourists or vendors. I came here for the view. It's magnificent! 

Entrance ticket

After we took a lot of photos, it's time to buys some souvenirs. There will be some seller who is going to follow you everywhere so that you can buy their items. Fortunately, we didn't buy from them because the shops alongside the road sell the same item at a cheaper price. 

After doing some sightseeing at Tangkuban Perahu, we went to Sederhana for lunch. As usual, we ordered the same thing. 

Then, we went to Rumah Mode, again. Mama said that she wanted to buy a handbag there. It looks almost the same as the original but it is not. I guest so. But most of the handbags there are more than MYR1K though. Tak berapa nak murah sangat pun.

After doing all the shopping spree and stuffs, I went to Amaroossa Hotel for my conference registration. I checked in into my room put my stuffs there. The room was small but beautiful. It is sooo modern-looking room. Anyway, this is a four-star boutique hotel. I don't know the price for a room at this hotel as it is already included in my conference fee.

We went to Le' mongrass Spa to soothe our mind. I chose the Le' mongrass package with chocolate scrub. There are chocolate, strawberry and green tea scrubs. 
Kak Effi and I chose the couple room where we can get a little privacy. From what she told me, this is all women spa. I don't know whether there are any package for men. (?)

At the end of the day, I smelt like chocolate. And all of their scrubs are made by their own.

Open air spa
The couple room
Free drinks after the spa session; ginger and American tea.
Before they sent me off to Amaroossa Hotel, we went to Capital8 for our dinner. Good food and environment though.

Yang ni sedap.
Chocolate Oreo Milkshake

We went to Amaroossa Hotel to sent me and the rest went to Prama Grand Preanger Hotel to get some rest.

While at the hotel, I was supposed to have a roommate but in the end I was all alone in my room. My roommate didn't showed up. So, I took the opportunity to edit and simplified my presentation slides and practiced for the last time before the big day on the next day.

Gambar sekadar hiasan. 

Z: Yep, I was effing nervous. 

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