Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Beautiful Kawah Putih

Paris Van Java

We woke up and had our breakfast at the hotel. As told by Ngah, we must eat til we full because it's a long journey to our next destination. And yeah, of course I took her advice. I ate til drop.

On our second day adventure, we were heading to Kawah Putih. It is a very long journey and it also depends on the traffic on that particular day. We arrived after almost 2 hours of driving and bought the entrance ticket at the South Bandung Tourism Centre. You can checked out the price list in the photo below.

Our driver said that, if we bought the entrance ticket at the centre, the driver can park freely at the parking space. That's what he said. Free face mask and fresh strawberry juice will be given to each person who bought the ticket here.

Arrived at Kawah Putih around 1030. There are a lot people who came earlier than us. A tips from me, please come early to get a perfect, human-free photo shot. Hehe

Before entering the site, please put on the face mask. If you can't stand the pungent smell, you can easily get a headache. This is because of the sulfur from the lake. It is a beautiful scenery but we only managed to stay for less than 30 minutes there.

Kawah Putih

After we took a lot of photos at the crater, we went down the hill and stopped at the cafe to get our fresh strawberry juice. Just show the entrance ticket that we bought earlier at the counter, we got the juice for free. The strawberry juice is fresh and refreshing. It feels good to have a cold drinks after smelt all the sulfur.

Chillax at the cafe down the hill
I forgot the name of this food but it is delish.
Otak-otak versi ikan.
Fresh strawberry juice. Yummeh!

On the way to Kawah Putih, there are a lot of strawberry farms where you can hand-picked your own strawberries. We didn't managed to do so as we are not a fan of strawberries. Anyhoo, it took us around 2 hours to get to our next pit-stop which was Cibaduyut. At this store, you can get a lot of cheap Bandung t-shirts. You can get each t-shirt for Rph 25000 which is about MYR 7. Mama and Udak memang berborong sakan la. Nak dijadikan subeniyer katanya.

After about 2 hours at Cibaduyut, we went to Mahmud Beauty Shop. You can get a lot of branded make up or beauty products at cheap prices. For example, I bought my beauty product for more or less than MYR 50. If I buy the product at the Guardian, my damaged would be more than MYR 200.

I bought these for Rph 179400 which is about MYR 50.23.

We all got hungry after doing all the shopping. So, we went to Sederhana for our late lunch. Sederhana served authentic Padang foods and it is quite affordable and delicious. When we arrived, the waiter will served hot tea to the customers and laid out all the foods in front of us. If you wanted other drinks than tea, just asked the waiter. Ngah asked us to try the Ayam Pop. It's delish. But I prefer the fried chicken. The green sambal is what you should tried too. It's not that spicy though.

At this restaurant, you eat what you 'touch'. For example, if you eat the vegies, the waiter will count that as a whole plate. However, for the plate which served a countable foods, for example one piece of chicken (each plate served 2 pieces of chicken), the waiter will count that as one chicken. Hmm.. Hard to explain in English though. I think you can picture the view by looking at the photo below. If you don't understand, hit me up at the comment below.

And you can add more foods if you wanted. Ngah asyik order Ayam Pop je while I often add on sambal hijau and ayam goreng. 

Tak complete lagi nih. Selalunya penuh
satu meja.
We went to Bandung Trade Centre (BTC) after having our late lunch and continued our shopping journey. Well, when you are going to Bandung, your primary mission was to shop. Nothing much here. They sell more cheap clothes here. Then, we went to another factory outlets which were Heritage and Cascade.

Before we took called it a night, we went to fill our tummies with some foods. On our second night in Bandung, we went to Halaman Cafe for dinner. They served local cuisines and western foods at this cafe. The food was delicious and good for money. The weird looking food served at this cafe is Udang (Prawn) Rambutan.

Halaman Cafe
Udang Rambutan.

Z: Berjuta-juta Rupiah habis on the second day in Bandung.

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