Friday, June 19, 2015

Selamat Sore, Pak!

This is my third country of the year, Indonesia. Bandung, to be specific. I was there for my conference but my mom wanted to follow me there. She said that she wanted to do some shopping. In the end, there were four of us on the trip, Mama, Ngah, Udak and I.

Ni dah macam rombongan cik kiah dah. Yang present nya sorang, yang ngekotnya sampe 3 orang..

We took Malindo Air at 1205 hours. This was the first time I traveled with Malindo air and luckily, I brought along my earphone so that I can watched some movies up in the sky. Arrived at Bandung at 3 something and we waited for our luggage. While waiting for our luggage, I met Umie Aida, Erma Fatima and their crew there. She is so pretty.

We waited for the hotel driver in front of the terminal and to the hotel we go !!

We were staying at Prama Grand Preanger Hotel. Ngah, who are often traveled to Bandung, suggested us to stay at this hotel. Mama and Udak agreed on the decision. And as for me, follow aja deh. The hotel was quite comfy though and there are a lot of food choices for breakfast. FYI, we didn't eat at the hotel for lunch and dinner. Thus, I can't comment about the food served there except for breakfast. Yummeh!

After we checked in and put our stuffs in the room, it's time for shopping! Our first pit-stop was at Pasar Baru Trade Centre. We arrived just in time before the closing hour. We bought some textiles, laces, telekung and so much more. Damaged at Pasar Baru was Rph1.4M.

When you arrived at Pasar Baru, confirm rambang mata and you can't decide which store you wanna go first. As we had Kak Effi along with us, she brought us to the store where she often shop there. And of course, we got some discount though.

Baru satu kedai, babe. 
Kak Effi asked me to try this.
The taste is not to my liking.

At 6, we were all famished and went to a restaurant up the hill called The Stone Cafe. The food is nice, the ambient is cool and the scenery is awesome. We ordered and ate til our tummy couldn't contain it anymore. If you are having your dinner at this restaurant, I would like to suggest their Tauhu Special. It's delish!

Untuk insan yang tak makan tauhu macam saya and tetiba tried this Tauhu Special. So, memang sedap lettew. hewhewhew

Dinner with a sunset view. 
Le menu
They said there will be a performance every weekend.
What we ordered. Tak semua sampai lagi nih. 
After we had our dinner, we went to Rumah Mode Factory Outlet. We arrived and the outlet was almost at its closing hour. Sempat la sambar 5 or 6 helai baju. I suggested that you guys go to Rumah Mode Factory Outlet. Tak perlu susah-susah nak masuk semua outlet sebab I'd been to all the outlets in Bandung.

It seems like I had a pair of wings in this photo.
(Photo taken by Ngah's iPhone6.)
Selfie with le mama at Rumah Mode. Tak banyak orang, senang hati nak shopping.

Went back to the hotel to get some rest. Masa balik tuh, memang kena pakai bellboy untuk angkat semua barang ke dalam bilik. Boleh bayangkan berapa juta habis on our first day. 

I edited my presentation slide for the upcoming conference and went to sleep. Another day, another adventure and of course, shop and food is a must!

Paris Van Java

Z: Damaged for the first day dah pun lebih Rph 2M.

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