Monday, September 12, 2011


Well, I’m definitely not talking about Usher, the celebrity. This was about ushering the VVIP during last Friday. Last Friday, Minggu Transformasi Mahasiswa (MTM) had a Saturday Night Event a.k.a Malam Kebudayaan. This was the first time I became an usher. Mas chose me as an usher and she need another one. After the Kebudayaan Unit had their meeting, they all agreed that Qila as my partner in ushering the VVIP. And both of us were first timer. A lotsa things need to do during the event.
Me and Qila agreed to wear Baju Kebaya and made up our face last minute. It was really a dab of powder here and there and I didn’t have a time to do the eye-shadow. How I love being the plain me. No make up, just natural beauty. XD


The big night had arrived, Qila and I were nervous. Because of the new students arrived late at DSI, so we need to put the VVIP and VIP into the waiting room. We waited until all the students settled down in DSI, then we can ushered the guests to the royal box. At the royal box, it was so chaotic. Suppose the VVIP who seated at the special chairs were Datuk TNC, PM Zahid and Hazman, but then, Mr Ismaal were sitting at Hazman place. I told Hazman that he was supposed to seat at the front. He told me that just let Mr Ismaal seat there. So, that was settled even though I felt nervous the change in the sitting.
There were so many shows during that night, after the theatre, I asked Qila to usher PM Zahid to the backstage for opening ceremony of the Saturday Night Event. While, I was standing at the royal box checking out the VVIP. The event was going smoothly. Then, before the event came to an end, we need to usher the four of them to the waiting room. After getting a signal from Casse and WeiKiat, we ushered the VVIP to the stage. Dayumm, the juniors were looking at both of us. Need to act cool fast! XD


Finally, after we ushered all the guests to the dining room, I felt very relieved! Thanks God the event ran smoothly and the performances from the students were soo much better than last year.

Z : Kalo x ekot Mas ptg tu, kompom x jadi usher.

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