Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's Clean!

Well, yesterday, the BERSIH thingey just ended with lotsa people being captured for their involvement in that so-called illegal rally. There were the yellow shirt which called themselves the BERSIH and the red shirt whom were calling themselves the PATRIOT.

Ptt la line DiGi I quite sucks ari nih!

FYI, this rally was all started by Dato Ambiga whom wanted for a clean election in this coming  PRU (General Election). This scene was almost like the Thailand red-and-yellow shirt not so long ago. Aiyo...why don't use other colour? I think purple, green and pink are some of the colour they can use for that rally. It's not like I'm voting for this rally nor I against it. I'm being the observer, the neutral one. XD

I just don't understand what was so significant about this rally. I saw that quite lotsa people around the country did this rally thingey. And in my hometown, yup, they did it too! But in the other way around. Is it me or this event was held annually because Sibu people gathered for the Sarawak Cup Prix. 

Founding Father

That was the moment where the mat rempit motorcyclists can showed off their skills or who's the fastest one in the rally. Rally gak kan? And this one, confirmed, BERSIH CLEAN!
Moreover, there was also a gig been held at Sing Kwong Sibu. Lotsa local bands performed there. And the famous are Masterpiece (an Iban band which is singing some Iban songs), Cintalizer (langsung xknl tp their song are quite famous in and my favourite one is Founding Father (my friend is in this band).

Like father like son.
image source from the FF.

9th July 2011 was the day where the Palapes was given a title as Leftenan Muda  at UTHM and
today, the Suksis was given a title as Inspektor Sukarelawan at UTM. 
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S 
to you guys!

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  1. wow Sarawak Cup Prix, why you dont participate in that race ?

    For the fireworks picture;
    -Lower your shutter speed, when you click for capture it will take a long time to snap. Best recomendation is the slowest 1.

    -Put ISO in low number.

    -Use stand, dun hold your camera by ur hand, it will ruin.

    I think a few try will make it

  2. xreti bawak moto arr..
    anyway, thx 4 d info..


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