Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cakak Ganu, Kecek Klate.

A continuation from my last post. This will be a very long post with lotsa picca! 

It was an ad-hoc plan. At first, we just wanted an island gateaway to Tioman but then, Afdhal started planning a trip to Pantai Timur. Right after we arrived at Mersing, we ate our lunch at 4pm and off to Kuantan. Our first destination was at Andak's house. Getting into Andak's territory were pretty scary. The guard asked us to off the car light and so we did. We did it inside the PGA (Polis Gerakan Am) too. How naive we were that time! Then, came a police officer telling us that we just need to off the light during the inspection and on it again when inside the PGA territory.

Andak a.k.a Ain a.a.k.a ibu

After an hour at Andak's place, we off to UMP. I was quite surprised to see the MPP UMP's office. It was awesome. How I wish MPM UTM's office was like that. Anyhow, we had a first-class hospitality from them. Read here for more info. An overnight at UMP was pretty awesome. I met a Sarawakian MPP too. Well, when a Sarawakian met another Sarawakian, there will be a long talk which most of them wouldn't understood a word! ;)

The very next day, we off to Terengganu. We stopped at the beach in front of UiTM Dungun. The beach was peaceful. I met a boy there. Very talkative and persuasive. He's 8 years old. Then, we arrived at Zaki's place around 4pm. 

Zaki's brother, Firdaus and his wife, Emily
Zaki and his wife, Masyitah
After that, we went to UMT and UniSZA. Quite lazy to type it here as I already wrote it in the other website. The best part was, I get to meet the MPP whom I often chat in FB in real life. Woohoo!

That night, we sleptover at Mimie's place. So nice and cold. It's been a long time since I step into a kampung house. Nak harapkan rumah nenek dah x macam kampung sgt
Apple juice, this BIG and CHEAP, it's HEAVEN !
I finished it first.

* Next Day *
Before we off to Wafak's place in Klate, we made a detour to Hadhari Mosque. It was MAGNIFIQUE!

Before we went to Wafak's house, she told us to go to her aunt's store to eat nasi kerabu. Yay!

OTW to Wafak's house in Tanah Merah. The congestion
was sucks and Afdhal took a moment to snap this picca
just infront of Elias' car. I was in the black car behind there (;

Suhaili always thinking about snorkeling !

Our next pit-stop was at KTD. We got lost, of course. Luckily I brought along my lappy. We GoogleMaps the place and arrived safely at KTD. 

After a few hours in KTD, we departed to datok Elias's place. At there, I tried the sought-after, mouth-watering BUDU !
Right there. The plate with lime and chili. Yeah.
Now, that's BUDU ! 

* The very next day *

Before we off the our next destination, we had Nasi Kapit for breakfast. Can only be found in Klate.

Nasi Kapit.

Our first destination was Pasar Jelawat. At there, I bought, guest what, it's budu. 

Dah kena penangan budu. Terus beli tuk bawa balek ke Sibu.
and don't forget, I tried the akok too. It taste egg-ish.
We off to another MPM's house whom belongs to
Zulhafiz' home.
Next, we're off to 
Nisa's house.
Before we off to Terengganu that very evening, we visited
Posing at Irama Beach
Kristal Mosque
Inside Kristal Mosque

* The very very next day *

Before we off to UTM, we wandering around in Terengganu and bought some stuffs.
Afdhal da macam pengusaha berjaya.
Borong kepok !
Gelagat anak buah JKPK apabila KJ menelefon mereka.
Aida's place
Kamil's place

At 11.11pm on 7th June, we're off to UTM after we had supper at Kamil's house.

and it's officially end of my vacays and start my training soon !

*all piccas are taken from Afdhal.

Z : Next state to go will be Kedah and Perlis. Then, I can go outside of Malaysia.

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