Saturday, May 7, 2011

M is for Mother

It's a very special day dedicated to this special person and everyone has one.
We call her a lotsa name but I call her 


 You might call her 
mummy, mother, mom, omma, indai, ibu, okasan, mak, and so much more.
No matter whatever you call her, she will always in heart. 

She carry us around for 9 months 10 days.
She gave us her milk if we were thirsty.
She woke up late at night just to give us the soothing words so that we can go to sleep.
She scolded us if we made some mistake.
She were happy if we got good grades.
She will encourage us to study more if we got bad marks.
She gave us more sisters/brothers.
She gave us money if we short of it.
She take good care of us.

Through happy and sad, she were always there.

Years are changing, and her physical becoming weak. Wrinkle at her eyes can be clearly seen. I grew younger older and so is she. Weak but I can see how strong her inside is. Always make me laugh and give some advices and dua when I'm stressed about exams.
Scolded me if I had an accidents or did something wrong.
Know how my voices sound very well if I need some moo-lah.

In short, no words and diamonds can describe how big her sacrifice to us.
And I hope she will still be there when I, myself becoming a mother to your grandchildren.
<mama, gik lamak k. blom ada calon>


The most beautiful woman on planet EARTH!

And this motherly message is also for
Dayang Halimah (nenek)
Rosnah Morshidi (anjang)
Saadah Mesuut (anjang)
Marianie Morshidi (ngah)
Azlina Morshidi (udak)
Hairus'saadah (usu)
Dayang Natalia Awok Mesuut (usu)

and to all mothers out there.

For those whose mother is on the other side, let's pray for her.

8 May 2011

Z : When we walk together, people always mistaken me as her sister. I miss you so much, mom.

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