Monday, May 9, 2011

No More Junior.


today is the last day of my first year in UTM. After the Math and PT2 presentations, my second semester was way over. I packed my stuffs and kept it in the store then off to my second home, Sunway. Ouh ya, I just realized that the second foyer of my faculty already has fans installed for the next sem. Thanks God because it was one of my manifesto though.

Future senior, 2SCV.

Anyway, sorry for digressing a little bit. The last day of first year means that the last day for the juniors to step up from that nickname and becoming a senior. In my case, I'm gonna wait for 4 months to be called that nickname. Although, I'm gonna be one of them on next sem, I don't want to be called akak. Only my sister can call me that or if the difference between me and him/her is more than 5 years.

Terkinja-kinja infront of students kinect.

There are lotsa stuffs that I'd been through throughout my first year as the UTM student. The most important part is the introduction to C++. Before this, I never knew what the hell is C++ or any programming languages. Honestly speaking, I'd never heard one of them except Java. At the same time, I'd been introduced to all my coursemates, 1SCV. At first, I thought they were skema but then, they are the coolest persons I'd ever met. Every status updates on their wall most of the time will make me laugh and I, too most of the time will made some silly status.
<kes berjangkit>
I'm gonna miss you guys. Let's talk in SCV saje.
I still remember what Dr. ABade told us in our first day of class

" korang taw tak korang amek subjek paling susah dlm fakulti ni? "

Of course la we don't know. What he said is very TRUE! The final projects for the other sections for this sem, which must be done in a duration of 2 or 3 months, we did it in the first sem for one night ONLY! Imagine that.

Well, don't want to talk much. I just wanna say,

I miss my home so much[fullstop]

Z : The others has 4 months holiday and as for me, it shortens to 7 weeks ONLY!

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