Monday, October 24, 2011

Azie, The Pirate! Arr!

Have you ever watched Final Destination 5 where there's this girl who wanted to cure her eyes by undergoes laser operation?

Here is the photo.
Well, yesterday, I had my eyelid surgery. My eyes being clamped and the doctor press the pus under my eyelid and it was real pain. The doctor said just stay still for 5 minutes.
It was a hellish 5 minutes.
A nightmare.
A reality.

* * *

 I can stand a pressure.
Still standing if you put a pressure on me but my face will look really obvious when I'm stress.

I can stand a lotsa assignments.
Then you can see my panda eyes due to the sleepless night.

I still can stand if Afif layang me.
Well, for silat, Afif's layang can make me fly.

I still can stand if anyone pissed on me.
Just that, the scene will be either posted in FB or blog.

I still can stand if my money in the bank is 0.
Called FaMa.

I still can stand if I'm being left out.
I still have my family though.


one thing I can't stand
and obviously will make me cry
is in

Chalazion being infected.

Yes. I cried yesterday during this minor surgery. It's been a looong time since I cried.

My advice to anyone who had this. Applying cream is not enough for Chalizion. You must take antibiotics too so that it will not being infected.

Z : Baru minor surgery. I just can't imagine how would the plastic surgery feels like.


  1. aishh kesiannye azie.. ouchhh.. get well soon dear :)

  2. amelia : thanx!

    syahirah : aok.. pitan aa terus jadi nanah..


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