Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Melatah ?

'Sup bloggie ?
Feeling good lately ?

Anyway, I just watched 360 in TV3 just now and they had some interesting topic which was about


I don't know what it called in english because from my observation, only Malays melatah.
It's true!
Have you ever see a Chinesse, or an Indian or Caucasians melatah ?
Of course nope, kan!
That's why it was called melatah.

The interviewer, interviews the interviewee whom are melatah type of person. I laughed watching them teasing the melatah-person and at the same time, I pitied them too. It must be hard living like that. I know it's entertaining but beware, it can be dangerous too. 

How it can be dangerous ?
Lemme give a situation where this melatah-person is holding a knife/scissors/dangerous objects. Suddenly, there's this annoying-person who like to tease people feels like to disturb this melatah-person. Without any further due, this melatah-person accidentally poke the knife/scissors/sharp objects to the annoying-person.
Haah. See! Kan dah kena!

From my point of view, this phenomenon is an involuntary action. 
From the view of melatah-person, there are many factors that can cause melatah. And genetic is not one of them. Most of them said that, it caused by emotion. 
Correct me if I'm wrong k?

ade kena-mengena ke?

Z : Fun and entertaining yet kesian.

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  1. gambar macam ada kene mengena juga kan ..

    n yup, i haven't seen any indian or chinese melatah .. all they can do is scream and shout ..


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