Thursday, October 6, 2011

An evening in Masai

Woke up on Sunday morning and logged in my facebook. Duhh. Youth nowadays can't lived without facebook. Anyway, there was a message from Haris saying that he found a Borneo village in Johore.

And I was like, WOW! 
I said I wanna follow him.

3.45pm, we fetched Chris, Carol and Rose at JJ and dashed to Masai. When I heard about Masai, I always thought about Sultan Masai in Nujum Pak Belalang.


Arrived there and I was surprised to see the surrounding there. It was almost the same as back in home.

Then, we all met the leader, Mr Sai. Haris, the president of Perwakilan Mahasiswa Sarawak (MASSA) explained to Mr Sai about the International Cultural Fiesta 2011. They discussed about foodies and traditional clothes.


What I can't believe was, they really sold ikan terubok masin and belacan Bintulu.


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