Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eat Til Drop ! #1

Warning : This entry will be full with mouthwatering foods (!)

Hello gurlz and boiz!
It's been a long time since I put up an entry about food(s). Right ?
Today, I broke fast at 

Went there quite early though. To kill the time, I took lotsa candid piccas of Rayyan.

This was the best one!
A sea of people eager to get their foods.

6.43pm. It was time to break our fast. There were lotsa foods there and I didn't know what to choose. I chose randomly and voila. . .

this was what we called full-house table.

padi huma.

tgh khusyuk makan sampai xperasan the camera was on.

Only me & Syukree has the chemistry on sushi.

And for desert, there were lotsa choices to choose. . .
These were only some part of it.

After we performed our Maghrib, I got a not-so-surprised birthday from udak. It's not so surprised because Ayuni kept singing the Happy Birthday song. LOL

Before we left, I cam-whore for a while. XD

no smoking, please !

That's all peep. See ya tomorrow.

Z : Tomorrow. Another place. Stay tune. ;p

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