Friday, July 29, 2011

Chasing One Ball

I'm not even a fan of football but I don't know since when I started watching one.
I don't even support any international league such as Barcelona, Spain, Brazil and ect.
I'm not a fan of famous clubs like Man United, Arsenal, Liverpool and more.

Back then, whenever there are football games in TV, I will stare blankly at the TV and said
" why are they chasing THE ball ? "
of course my sister, (the first one in the family minat giler ngan bola during her form 3 but not for me) will always said that
"dah nama bolasepak."
I was in form 5, struggling for my SPM and not into sports. The most appropriate word describe me that time was N-E-R-D!

For God sake, they are chasing one ball, 11 players each side, one big field and a large crowds. I can't see any relevance in chasing one ball. If their fav side can shoot the ball to the net, they all went wild and scream GOALL!

Now, I can feel it. Everytime they make a goal, I went wild too. 
Screaming at the screen if they can't shoot the ball. 
Become the sports commentator during the game. 
Cursing, if the opponent side play cheat.

I don't know how, where, when, who, why the hell I can start liking this sport.
<I think it all started from the Suzuki Cup which was for sure during my uni period.>
However, I don't have my fav club yet.
One thing for sure, I always support Malaysia team.

some of my reactions during the game

Z : Malaysia failed to move on to the next round. Aggregate for Malaysia vs Singapore was 4-6. Congrats to Malaysia because they lost with DIGNITY. No imported players keyh. All are  made in Malaysia. Ada cap sirim lagi tuh.

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