Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Totally First Class

The last time I went for a movie was months ago which were watching KungFu Panda 2
After my hectic life in UTM, I went out with my fun cousin and watched

Even though this movie was out weeks ago, I just had my time to watch this movie.
Anyway, this was my first X-Men movie and I haven't watch the previous series yet.
Sucks to be me, right ?
Need to download the previous one.

This movie was quite slow but it end up a BIG WOW ! Now I know why Prof X was in wilca. The most important thing was, the actors in there are freaking hot.
Even though Michael Fassbender a.k.a Magneto is old, well, he's just like George Clooney, a HOT hunk for their age. 
Besides, Nicholas Hoult and Lucas Till are CUTE too.


All of them are so young & HOT !
I can read your mind and I'm not gonna loose to you in chess.

Z : Can't wait for Harry Potter 7 Part 2.


  1. cool rite.. they're awesome!!



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