Monday, May 16, 2011

Experience is the best teacher !

From our younger age, we started learning about anything.
Our first step or our first word.
No matter which one came first, there always someone who taught us about that stuffs.

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We learnt ABCs and 123 in kindergarten.
Who taught us that?

At the same time, we learnt alif-ba-ta either in KAFA or at someone's house.
Who taught us that?

After we passed our ACBs, we started our further studies in primary school. We learnt how to make sentences, learnt musics, made the 'eraser tournament', main kepong kokle, main ABC stop, and so much more. I still remember how Mdm Mag rattan the whole class (5E/2002) 10 times each hands. Ouch! And I still contacted my Math teacher, Cikgu Shadon and almost every Eid, I will visit his house. 
Still fresh in my mind how I fainted during assembly. Because of that, I had scar under my chin. 
Who were there for us?
Cikgu/Lao tze.

through primary and secondary, I was a methodistian's student

Then, came our fisrt step in teenage life. Some of you had your first love during Form 1 but not for me. I was still a naive, shy little girl. During my secondary school, I met my BFFs. I scored in PMR with flying colours and had my first love during Form 4 (just for 1 month though. Lovey-dovey was so not my stuff that time). 
5S2 and Mimi Chew.
During my senior year (5S2), I remembered how Mr Wong Suk Sing taught us about add math with his 'own' style (we just called him Suk Sing and now he's retiree),
Mr Wong Sing Wu. Yeah. My physics teacher. He's fun but I don't know WHY I always fell asleep in his class. He is also garang!
Mdm Chew, my EST teacher. She hoped the whole class got 1A for SPM but, the luck was not on our side. Ouh ya! We also called the class cat Mimi Chew (sempena nama cikgu tuk).
Mr Lim Sio Ann, my form 4 and 5 Math teacher-cum-class teacher. I ALWAYS scored for math but sadly, not for add math. I remembered how we surprised him on his birthday.

The first step she walked into our class, we were VERY quiet. It's a shock scene to see 5S2 very senyap o~ We were known as the naughty class in science stream. Wanna know why?
It was because, she was the Senior Assistant a.k.a Penolong Kanan and our English teacher. She NEVER allowed us to talk other languages in class. If she heard other languages, she will called out 'who speak Japanesse back there?' What I LOVE about Mdm Catherine Chan was, she often not in class and she LOVE to digress when teaching. XD
Who taught us until we passed our SPM?

gagah seantero dunia~~
This is a very blur momento for the students. We still figuring out which one should we take. Some would take STPM and as for me, I took matriculation in Labuan. A hellish yet sweet momentos. I never LOVE chemistry. But, Sir Irwansyah made me love chemistry. The way he taught us is quite different. Then, Sir Yusry taught me IT. He asked me a question and still fresh in my memoir. He asked me, 'kenapa awak guna Adobe Photoshop?' My answer was simple, I said dah terbiasa. The whole (H2T12/2009) class used GiMP except me.   The useful thing I learnt in matrics was, guest what? It was not bio as my current course has no relations in anyway with biology. It's Sabahan slang and I still has it til now. If I met any Sabahan, I will start talking in Sabahan slang.
During matrics period, I called all my lecturers
Ouh ya, not to forget, our bapak, Sir Sawang, the pengarah. Sir Megat and Sir Hasyidan, block A's fellows.

the old logo.
Now, I just finished my first year in UTM. My first journey to the whole wide world. While most of my 5S2 friends continuing their further studies aboard, I have both of my legs, firmly in UTM. Here, I took a course what I couldn't even imagine during my school time. Here, I was introduced to a language, or more. Not a country's languages but computer languages. Ever heard of C++ and Java? 
Who taught me that?
There is still a long path in front of me.

I'm a suksis trainee. Before this, I was a Police Cadet. Metho's sugardaddy a.k.a Sjn Raja taught me how to give command and how to march. Cikgu Awang is the best Police Cadet teacher-incharge! Now, I have En Suhaimy, En Aziz, En Musa, Puan Azlinah and more more more.
There is special term we called them.

Next month, I'm going to represent UTM for MASUM. I play for the silat team. During my form 4, abah pushed me and adeq to silat. I was so stubborn about the idea. No matter what I thought back then, I can't thanks enough to abah for introducing the silat world to me and adeq. Perguruan Seni Silat Cakar Harimau, without them, I might not played ANY kind of sport nowadays.
Who taught me to silat?
Guru/Guru Muda/Cikgu/Coaches
//Team Pencak Silat UTM, chaiyok chaiyok!

There are also teachers in my family. Firstly, my both anjang. Both teaches in Kuching. Next, my udak. She's a lecturer in Kuching Polytechnic.
Last but not least, my own atok, Morshidi bin Abusamah. He was a teacher, a headmaster. He was also the one who successfully brainwashed me during that time to be a medical doctor. That was why I took biology in matrics and never thought of any other courses during my secondary years. Atok, I can't be a medical doctor, but inshaallah, I took PhD and gonna have that Doc title somehow. Doktor juak nak? 

Love ya!

No matter what we called you, you NEVER say NEVER to tired and boredom and always teach us more knowledges until it was NEVER enough for us.

 for being a GREAT TEACHER to US !

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