Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Lunch Date

Yesterday, I played guitar hero all day long as the blogspot under maintenance. 
Enough about that.
Tomorrow, I'm going back to UTM rimbun bernaung.
"YAY !"
< orang lain cuti 4 bulan, kmk cuti 7 minggu *sigh* >

I just wanna talk about my lunch-date-for-this-week

he is so adorable

His mom whom is also my ngah told me something interesting about him.
Ngah asked a dyslexia teacher to teach him about alphabets because he is quite slow and the teacher show him a few flash cards more or less like these. . .

Teacher : Faaiz, huruf ape ni?
Faaiz : A!
Teacher : A untuk ape?
Faaiz : A is for chicken!
Teacher : Huruf ape ni Faaiz?
Faaiz : for mama!
<he called his mom, mama>
Teacher : Huruf ape nih?
Faaiz : K.
Teacher : Haiwan ape tu?
Faaiz : CAT!!

So clever right?
His teacher told ngah that he is not having any dyslexia. It's just that, Faaiz just LOVE to talk almost EVERYTHING in ENGLISH !

Z : Itulah pentingnya English education. Kite bako !!

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