Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Horseshoe Crab and Tip of Asia

Hello world !

I just had a memorable trip to Pontian today. It was an unplanned, err not a good word. Let's just say put it this way, a last minute plan. At first, we wanted to go to Singapore. However, something came up because some of us don't have a passport yet. So, we went to Pontian.
Alaa, Pontian jer pun. . .

Supposed today we, the MPM, need to discuss about sponsorship. We did that yesterday and today is a public holiday. We departed from UTM at 8.45am. Before that, we had a breakfast special hand-made by Wafak. A delish meehoon. Thanks Wafak! 

Our first pit-stop was at Akmal's home. We took our second breakfast there. A hot-yummy fried noodles. Then, we went to our second house which was Nazrin's adopt family. At there, we ate horseshoe crab a.k.a BELANGKAS ! Ouh my, it was my first time ate that. The taste was just like belangkas! Sedap o~ Then, we ate ikan kurau. That pak cik told us that ikan kurau can worth until $3k. But still, ikan terubok is the best! The last house for the day was Farha's adopt family. At there, we ate the famous Api-Api Nasi Lemak. This one, kompom sedap!! When I said delish, there's no doubt about that. Too bad I can't post the pics in here. Fret not, just wait for my next entry which is a surprise?!

Our last pit-stop of the day before we went back to UTM was a journey to the tip of Asia. It is known as Tanjung Piai. I had a video about this. Not now. Still tired though. XD
We had so much FUN there. I just couldn't put it in words though. All the picca were at the others. None with me except the videos.

*We in this entry were moi, Nazrin, Mimie, Nisa, Akmal, Farha, Wafak, Afdhal, Elias, Sukri, Suhaili & Solehah.

Z : When will JPPI get the DSLR ? 


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