Saturday, January 18, 2014

Awkward Moments in Phuket

It's been a long time since I travelled anywhere. The last time was my trip to Seoul in Summer 2013. And  I started my 2014 with a backpack adventure. The plan was made when we were on our way to Elias' wedding in Perak at the end of November 2013. So, here we go...


Azim who led the pack has bought us 10 bus tickets to Hatyai. The 10 of us waited for the bus which was supposedly to depart at 11:30 PM. Unfortunately, janji Melayu sudah berlaku. We departed at 12:05 AM. We slept all through the journey. And of course we need to wake up upon arriving at the border of Malaysia-Thailand. At Bukit Kayu Hitam, the bus driver collected our passports and gave it to the counter for releasing the entrance pass. Then, we need to pass through two Immigration and Customs checkpoint. The Malaysia part was the easy one. But, the Thailand part was quite strict.

This bus has a free WiFi and a plug too.

After we passed through both of the Immigration and Customs checkpoints, we hopped on the bus and arrived in Hatyai at 7:30 AM. We took our breakfast and waited for our van to fetch us. At 9:30 AM we're off to Phuket. 

This almost 7 hours journey, I fell asleep almost all the time. Nothing to do bha. Upon arriving at Phuket, we checked in at Beehive Patong Phuket. Chillax a lil bit and off we went to Patong beach. It's too crowded here. Too many people! Anyway, we didn't care about that. Just had fun splashing in the Andaman Sea.

Beehive Patong, Phuket

Azim asked me where to go for our leisure time that night. I did some research before I went for the trip. And I said, 'Jom ke Soi Bangla!'. And the 10 of us went to Soi Bangla (Bangla Road).

At Soi Bangla, I was surprised to see the nightlife there. It's so lively, happening! Ok people. Step right up to Soi Bangla. On your right side, you'll see a tiger dance, gay bar and more pole dancing. Anndd on your left side, you will see more go-go bar, pole dancing and look over there, there's a beautiful lady.. oh wait.. there's a sign on her hand stating "Ladyboy bla bla bla...". Oh well, it's a ladyboy.
You can take a picture with 'em.

Hai nyah!

Here's more photos around Soi Bangla...

Makan kat Subway dulu, then kita tengok entertainment
kat atas okehh?

After having an awkward moment at Soi Bangla, we all strolled along the Patong Beach.

A unique architecture in front of Patong Beach


Big ass lobster!

After strolling at the beach, we took the Soi Bangla route and went back to the hostel.
Arriving at our room, I was surprised to see a man slept under my bunker. He's from Finland. It's a mixed dorm actually. So, that's all for tonight. Ciao!

Z : Krabi. Tomorrow. 

Krabi Getaway

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