Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Juh Berambeh !

 For the last few days, I felt like I really wanna go home. My wish did almost came true.
Last Friday night, I went to an event at PWTC, KL called Lan Berambeh part 4. Wehh.
Part 4 already? That's mean 2011 was the forth year for this event. 
Anyway, this event was held yearly and organized by PASS (Persatuan Anak Sarawak Semenanjung).

in the bus otw to PWTC

UTM, lead by Haris, went there by bus. Departed at 12.30PM on 14th October and arrived safe and sound at PWTC around 5.30PM. The Mall just across PTWC was really tempting. But I didn't go there because if I went there, I might buy something.

me & Rawiey
Anyway, lets talked about the event. The event was really BIG!!! Sarawak CM, YAB Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud and wife and all the Sarawak's YBs were there too! And the guests for the Sarawakians were 3+++. It was fullhouse and even people sitting outside the hall were full too! That hadn't been count who were still on the street. 

Sarawak's YBs
It really felt like almost-home. There were no lepeh-speaking that night. Just kamek-kitak lingo! I think the waiters and waitress were blur about what the heck we were talking about that night. 

I got my on this!!

the famous mee kolok! 
with Iva
Kak Lehot derr...
with YB Sibu
the VVIPs
my partner in crime for ICT4Me, KML

The best part was, Hafiz AF7 and Kak Lehot were there. There were also other artists whom were performing that night such as Nani Mentor, Farina AF9, Daus AF8 and more. It would be nice if Zee Avi was there singing her famous Kantoi! and Mee Kolok Sigek.

Our bus fetched us on 11.35PM and arrived in UTM Rimbun Bernaung around 3.30AM. And I need my rest because in the morning, I had CGMA Recreation Day.

Z : I still memorized Ibu Pertiwiku even though it's been a looong time since I sang that song.

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