Monday, September 5, 2011

Open House

On 2nd Sept, me and my sis were planning to do an open house. We did it earlier than usual because, I'm gonna go back to UTM next week. So, that was my only chance to gather with some of my friends.
Besides, this open house was for my peeps and adeq's too!
Another open house will be held at the end of September for my mama's friends.

Mama cooked her famous laksa sarawak and chicken rice.
Tak sempat nak ambik gambar because I was only thinking about the food.

And again, I'm letting the photos telling its own stories.

adeq's birthday cake. Her peeps bought for her
These two young ladies melekat kat meja makan until
they were really full. Badan kecik tp kuat makan...

With Nisa and Rawiey. Nisa, the last time I met her was
in 2006. Long time no see! 
Obviously, the shortest.
Did some air pollution lately.

more raya photo! 

Z : Happy birthday Adeq!

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