Friday, January 22, 2016

Travelling to Koh Samui

OMG, it's been a long time since I wrote a post here. I'd been busy and there are two trips that I missed. I have another trip in two weeks time. So, I stole some of my time to write this. Here I go...


I chose Koh Samui because going to Koh Lipe is quite expensive.

I took a flight to Samui from KLIA2 at noon and arrived in Surat Thani around 1200. The flight took us around 1 hour and 30 minutes. And of course, 12 is Thailand time zone. After we had our immigration checked, we wandered around at the lobby of the airport to find a transportation to Koh Samui. We went from booth to booth and compared the price of the bus. So, we agreed to go for Phantip Co. Ltd. as it was the cheapest among all. The return bus and ferry price was THB 1100.

When we boarded the bus, there was a lady promoted us the island hopping packages. I listened to the lady dengan cara nak tak nak je. Why? Because, I was afraid that it will be a scam. So I asked her to talked to my friend. Faris listen to her attentively and interested in the adventure package. My sister was rooted for that package too. While, I wanted the relaxing package. Ahhhh well, 2 against 1. Mana nak lawan -.-

The price for the adventure package was THB 1400 and the other one is THB 1600. Just a few hundreds different. We agreed to choose the adventure packages and paid THB 100 each for deposit.

The bus ride took us around 1 hour and 30 minutes until we reached Seatran Pier. We arrived at the pier around 1430 and waited for half an hour to board the ferry. And the ferry ride took us around 1 hour and 35 minutes until we reached Nathon Pier. Let me just say this,


The view that I captured on my ferry ride.
Maybe, some inhabitant islands.
When we arrived at Nathon Pier, there are a few vans that has been waiting for us. We went to our hotel van. My ohh my. I almost forgot how they drove in Thailand. The last time I was in this kinda ride when I went for a trip in Phuket-Krabi.

We arrived at our hotel when the Sun was almost setting down. It felt like a small little town compared to Phuket or Krabi and it did not have a lot of noises. We checked in and had some rest before we went to get some dinner.

I did not do my research well. The shops there closed early. I have searched some Halal restaurant in Koh Samui, but too bad they closed at 9PM. We were damn hungry and couldn't just simply ate anything that we found. So, Faris has this idea to bought some food in 7E, pre-heat it, and brought it back to the hotel. The price for frozen shrimp fried rice in the 7E was THB 35. (Asalnya budget makanan THB 150 each day. Saved sia makan ni je. hihihi)

Samui Escapade

Damaged for Day 1:
Return bus ticket - THB 1100
Deposit for island hopping package - THB 100
Food - THB 35
Total - THB 1235 (~MYR 150.42)

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