Saturday, September 3, 2011

Eid Twenty-Eleven

bakar lemang a day before Eid.

* * *

For the first Eid this year was just like last year. However, only two families were in nenek's house this year. The anjang's family arrived during night time, udak's family went back to Pahang and usu's went back to his wife village. It's quite boring though, so sunyik

These piccas taken during pagi raya.
my lovessss.
ngah's family

For our family, every year we had a tahlil. The BIG family will gather at my grandparents' home.

some of the foods on the table.

some of the BIG family

There's nothing much happened after the tahlil. Everyone went back to their home. And as for me, I dah jadi waiter tak bertauliah. Which means, tukang hidang air dan sewaktu dengannya

* * *

Waited for Ira & Ida to arrived at atok's home. Then, we all went to Adha's house. Technically, my first house for this Eid. Lucky for me, I gotta met my old friends there.

Born in 1991

Z : Banyak lagi tak terupdate.

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