Friday, August 19, 2011

They Don't Understand a Thing


A dialogue between me and two of my cousins, Ayunie (7 years old) and Aci (10 years old).
I'm gonna used my language. XD

Ayunie : Kenak kitak sik posa?
Me : Adalah sebab.
Ayunie : Mun kitak sik posa, kamek pun sikmok posa juak.
Me : Aiee. Jangan. Kitak mesti posa.
Aci & Ayunie : Habis aa, apahal la kitak sik posa?
Me : A-B-C. Allah bagi cuti.
Ayunie : Bulak eyh.
Me : Mena. Hormone akak, progesteron & aestrogen berik cuti bha.
Ayunie : Kenak la??
Me : Sebabb...sebablah...(dah mati akal) Kelak takduak ada blajar time skolah menengah.

Gosh, it was really hard to exlplain why I'm not fasting to the little kids. Someone, please tell me how didya explain to little kids why you're not fasting (for women only). For guys, you have no reason for not fasting! 

Z : My hope for fasting the whole month was just a dream.

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