Friday, August 19, 2011

Pandainyer !

Last Saturday, my dear little sister, Aly, had a Hari Permuafakatan where the teacher met the students' parents. Even the kindergarten kids has Hari Permuafakatan. The funny part was during the lao tze told my mom about her well-being, attitude in the class. 

Follow the dialogue down there with a Chinese dialect. 

Lao tze : Mama Alisya, Alisya aa sangat friendly. Lepas tu dia sangat suka nyanyi o~~
Mama : Yala. Dia mmg suka nyanyi. Kat rumah pun nyanyi. [Well, that's the true. Can be proved from here.]
Lao tze : Lagi satu aa, Alisya punya homework bahasa cina selalu tidak siap o~~
Abruptly, she answered her lao tze...
Alisya : Bukan Aly sik siap. Abah ya x habis salin!!!!

*The meaning of Alisya's words were, my dad who were the one who did her homework. Liao~

Z : Alisya Alisya. Nang cerdit. Jangan ktk menidakkan mun ktk dah besar kelak.


  1. da jak nya nyawab..haha..kantoi abah nak molah homework nya :D

  2. ny la aa tek..nang credit bha mulut ny aa..


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