Friday, August 12, 2011

Eat Til Drop ! #3

Hello there !
Today, I'd followed my aunty for her staffs gathering at Merdeka Palace. 
Well, I was quite disappointed with the food serve there. 
Tak sebanyak kat Grand Margherita & tak seluas kat FourPoints. (xbersyukur langsung)

But, the best thing was, I got to cam-whore with DSLT.
There were so many photos to choose but I'm gonna put up which I thought the best.

The BESTEST pose Rayyan gave to me.
I like this signboard.
And this too!
If only they serve this for break fast.
Not my best pics but this statue is epic.
Pua Kumbu covering something, I guess.
The best desert ever!

Sums up what I ate this evening.
another panoramic view.

The only picca that had me inside. XD

Z : I love foods!


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