Monday, August 1, 2011

Aye Aye Captain !

Yesterday, it was supposed to be Girls' Day Out but no...
Farah brought along her brothers. Well, I care less about that because we all wanted to watched

Chris Evans

this movie worth my money. It was freaking awesome that I'm so lazy to type it down. If you haven't watch this movie, go to the nearest cinema, buy the ticket either online or at the counter, wait for the time showing, go into the hall, find your seat and voila!, you are ready to watch it on the big screen.

Or Or Or. . .

the simplest way if you out of moolah, click any torrent side and download it. 

Awww. . .so hot but what's with the leg?

Anyway, if you wanted to watched this movie, I adviced you to watch it til the end. I mean, until the credit is over. There will be another scene where almost all the Marvel character is shown. 

The red skull. The nemesis.

Z : Can't wait for the next summer !


  1. dtg sini beri senyuman,, nk bg milo, tp pose kan?? =)

  2. captain america ?? uhuhuh ..


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