Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Goofing Around with DSLT #1

Hello peeps!

Today, I started working as a designer, not yet a cashier. I was following my aunt wherever she went this evening and brought along her DSLT. This was my first time I heard about DSLT. She and her hubby were a BIG fan of SONY. Almost all of their stuffs were from Sony except the piano. XD
I don't know much about the differences between DSLR & DSLT except the change in the last letter. 

[click here for DSLR & DSLT differences]

Here are some of the piccas taken by using DSLT and I don't remember the details such as ISO, aperture and so on.

Da Bag.
Me & DSLT. Blame the side mirror for being dirty.
Well, this is exactly what the shop sells.
The kids stuffs.
Gambar dekat baju budak.

'Pesta Konvo' 
Mereka sempat berposing depan DSLT. XD
What's up?
Urmm...bumbung and flags (?)
Sesaja XD
Stadium Perpaduan. Where the convo happened.
Stop moving around la (!)
My aunty.

Z : Tomorrow gonna goofing around with it again. <3

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